Thursday August 14, 2014

Here's the Catch: Fast Fly Catch in Front of House Areas

Flies can carry up to1.9 million bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria. According toFederal Government estimates, some 48 million* cases of food-borne illness arereported in the US every year, so fly management is an essential part ofmaintaining a healthy and hygienic environment.

Insect light traps offeran efficient and highly effective method of fly management. The presence of afly trap in an enclosed space would eliminate all flies eventually, however theeffectiveness of a trap should be demonstrated by the rate at which flies areeliminated, not that they are simply eliminated eventually. The fasterreduction of flying insects from sensitive food environments reduces the riskof foodborne pathogens carried by flying insects, leading to improved overallfood safety.

At Brandenburg, wedesign and engineer our insect light traps to provide the highest levels ofperformance and serviceability, helping to reduce costs and increase the speedof catch in all applications. Fast fly catch has historically been associatedsolely with back of house units. Front of house units, which have been designedto look good and discreetly blend into the interior of a premises, have alwaysbeen known to have poor fly catch performance.                 

Brandenburg hasdeveloped the Genus® Eclipse Ultra, the next generation insect light trap for public sensitive areas which provides quicker fly catch than all front of house units and some back of house units, whilst providing complete discretion. The unit also has a customizable insert, which provides your customers the opportunity to promote their brand, promotes partnership branding, as well displays seasonal offers.

The incorporation of twogreat innovations into the Genus® Eclipse Ultra makes it a game changer in fly managementprograms by providing as effective fly control for front of house locations asin back of house locations.