Saturday March 1, 2008

Limit Down Time By Maintaining Equipment Regularly

    With spring just around the corner, undoubtedly so are the bugs. Fortunately for us, pests don’t know there is a depressed housing market, they didn’t read in the paper about the all but certain recession, and they don’t drive, so gas prices aren’t scaring them. All they know is that it is warming up, and the race to survive and procreate is back on.
    The fact of today’s economy is that we have external factors that can limit opportunities. Therefore, every effort is needed to both maximize opportunities and minimize costs whenever possible.
    Updating and repairing your equipment is one easy way to help reduce costs. Well-maintained equipment saves applicator time and maximizes the effectiveness of your chemicals. An old hose on a spray rig can leak or burst, creating technician down time and wasted chemical; let alone any liability costs. When was the last time you changed the oil of your gas engine or cleaned the filter? Some manufacturers recommend changing oil monthly depending on use. As for your filter, which is the cause of most spray rig problems, it needs to be checked or cleaned daily. Regularly scheduling these tasks will increase the life of your rigs and reduce down time.
    How about your B&G hand tank? Did you pick up a GD-124 repair kit and rebuild it over the winter? We have instructions on how to do so in both English and Spanish on PestWeb® ( If you would like more information or support in these areas, please let me know.
    Thank you for your business.