Wednesday October 1, 2008

PestWorld Convention Brings New Products, Ideas

    This month the industry will be gathering in Washington, DC, for the National Pest Management convention. At the convention, as in the past, there will be top notch speakers as well educational sessions for key areas in pest management. Undoubtedly, there will be lots of good discussion on hot topics such as ‘going green,’ bed bug control, new business opportunities, or current regulatory issues affecting our industry. Because of this, I expect to see many more new products displayed than in the past. Regarding our desire for more green options, we will see important manufacturers such as Whitmire-MicroGen, EcoSmart, and others who will be showing their latest developments.
    In the area of bed bug control, we will see suppliers such as Protect-a-Bed, MGK, and BASF showing us how their lines can help address control issues.
    I am sure there will be many new business ideas and opportunities as our industry deals with the housing crunch; however, this will be a very special meeting for another reason. This is a presidential election year and we, as an industry, will be right in the thick of things two weeks before election day. Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, the electricity will be so thick you will be able to cut through it.
    I hope you can make it. If you cannot, I will be gathering much of this information and sharing it with you in future issues of our newsletter. 
Thank you for your business.