Monday November 3, 2014

How the Professional Pest Management Alliance Works with Companies to Help Grow the Industry

How the Professional Pest ManagementAlliance Works with Companies to Help Grow the Industry


One of the key responsibilities of industry managers andmarketers is to educate potential customers about the vital role pestmanagement professionals play in protecting against the dangers of pests.  Marketing strategy sessions frequently focus on:“What is most likely to prompt a homeowner to contact a pest professional?” and“Why viable prospects don’t use professionals?” When it comes time to implementapproved marketing plans, marketers often deliberate about where customers aremost likely to seek information on pest control companies, proper use of socialmedia and where to find resources for ready-to-use advertising and marketing materials.  As a result, more pest management companiesare turning to the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), the consumereducation arm of the National Pest Management Association, as their partner in marketingand advertising plan development.


PPMA’s primary objective is to grow the industry. Using innovative publicrelations tactics, PPMA educates home and business owners about pest threatsand encourages the use of pest professionals. In fact, PPMA’s messaging wasseen almost three billion times last year, and due, in part, to PPMA’s efforts,37[MH1] percent of homeowners now report using a pest professional, up from 18 percentin 2004. 


In order to continue that growth – particularly againstthe pervasive DIY messaging provided by many brands – individual companies needto market effectively with the help of a strong, unified voice. 


PPMA tells the industry’s story throughout the countrywhile also providing useful resources to companies including:

·      Customizable ads for print, radio, andtelevision;

·      Library of customizable press releases;

·      Social media support including ready to use tweets,pins, and posts;

·      High resolution photos developed with marketingneeds in mind;

·      Exclusive research on how and why consumers makeindustry buying decisions;

·      Daily pest headlines from around the country;

·      Archives of statistics, infographics, and mediatalking points;

·      Enhanced listing on the Find-a-Pro Locator


If you would like to learn more about PPMA’s work or how to use thevaluable PPMA marketing resource tools, contact PPMA’s Executive Director,Missy Henriksen at (703) 352-6762 or  

 [MH1]Noteto editors: This number is embargoed until 10/22/14.  Do not share until after that time.