Wednesday September 3, 2014

The Importance of Inspections

The Importance of Inspections


Rodent Controlservices produce some of the highest number of callbacks.  While it may be tempting to avoid or rush theinitial inspection of the premises, don’t! The inspection, which usually begins outdoors and moves inside, lays thefoundation for the work to follow.


During aninspection it is always important to identify the following: rodent species,infestation severity and high activity areas. By identifying these key areas, PMP’s will be more equipped to handlethe infestation and choose appropriate baiting strategies to avoidcallbacks.  Thorough inspections followedby proper bait and trap placements will lead to a reduced number of callbacks.


Identifying therodent species is a critical step to a thorough inspection.  Rats and mice have unique characteristics.  By properly identifying the rodent species onecan select rodent control products and strategies appropriate for theinfestation. 


Determining theseverity of the infestation is an essential step in an inspection.  One of the most common mistakes in rodentcontrol is underestimating the size of the population, and consequently underbaiting the account.  Rodent droppings,gnaw marks, rub marks and rodent borrows are all clues in uncovering the size andlocation of the infestation to give a better idea of which baiting tools to use.


During aninspection, it is important to examine areas of high activity.  Locate food, water, heat sources and nestingareas throughout an account.  Always checkrodent pathways; pipes, building perimeters and electrical wires are all areasthat should be carefully examined.  Determiningwhere rodents are present will lay the groundwork for successful baitingstrategies.


After a thoroughinvestigation, proper baiting technique is essential to a successful IntegratedPest Management approach.  BellLaboratories offers an extensive line of bait and bait stations suitable forany type of rodent infestation.  Whendealing with mice, the new Protecta® EVO® Mouseis the perfect option for placing bait in hard to reach areas.  Designed to fit where mice travel; place EVOMouse in corners, under pallets or behind appliances.  The EVO Mouse utilizes a single lockingmechanism to provide quick servicing, combined with increased bait storagecapabilities.