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  • Fri Aug 5 2011

    Is the iPad® 2 Right for Your Business?

    If you don’t have an iPad for your business, perhaps you should. Here are some of the ways it could make your work better.Better meetings and presentations with conferencing apps and an HDTV adapter to connect to a big screen.More business-friendly apps to help you stay organized, manage projects, or create graphics.It’s lighter, operates faster, and has a longlasting battery, making it perfectly portable.The iPad® 2 isn’t the only tablet on the market. Do your homework and pick the one that’s right for you.View the Latest Univar Video

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  • Sun May 1 2011

    Tips for Retaining Clients

    The amount of effort one puts into landing a new client is said to be five to 10 times the effort required to retain that client. So how do you ensure your customer stays and expands their business with you? Here are a few ways to build trust and future business opportunities.• Demonstrate how your product or service will resolve their problem. • Build relationships offline and follow- up with email communication when appropriate. • Consider dropping accounts that never seem to appreciate the value of your services; they take away from building the accounts that will pay off in the long run...

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  • Fri Apr 1 2011

    Energizing your small business

    Most small businesses have a limited number of employees. This means it’s critical to get the most out of each and every employee, starting with their level of energy and attitude. There are a few simple tips to help you energize and motivate your team.• Be a better listener: Make sure you listen and respond to employees’ comments, ideas, and concerns. • Change your outlook: If you’re showing a positive attitude it will rub off on others. • Validate ideas: It makes employees feel like they are a valuable part of the success of the business.As a leader, you directly impact the energy and emp...

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  • Tue Mar 1 2011

    Ideas for Low-Cost Marketing

    Limited funding and resources can make it hard for small businesses to compete with giant ones when it comes to marketing. Here are a few simple, low-cost changes you can make to your marketing tactics to help give you a major impact. • Take your email social — add Twitter, Linked In and Facebook information to your email. • Create pocket promos — place advertisements on your business card, it can be a cost effective way to get people to notice you. • Clean up your website — make sure your content is simple and easy to read. • Get a vanity phone number — a catchy number is a great way for p...

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  • Tue Feb 1 2011

    Tips for Being a Leader

    Leadership is a quality that can be a great strength or weakness to a business. Often, we get so wrapped up in the day to day tasks of running a business, that we forget that leadership should be one of those tasks. It takes hard work and regular self-reflection to make you a leader that people want to follow. There are seven simple things you can do daily to make yourself a more effective leader.• Make eye contact to show interest • Smile to convey positivity • Open the door to your office to encourage communication • Project authority by standing up straight • Shake hands and pat on the b...

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  • Sat Jan 1 2011

    Getting Web Ready in 2011

    The New Year means new business strategies and ideas. You may be asking yourself what changes should you make to help your web presence in 2011. The answer to that question can be found by following a few simple steps.• Improve your social media standing. A social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) presence is necessary to expanding your market reach.• Create compelling content for your website and social media outlets. It gives your sales staff something to point to and support their efforts.• Make a good first impression. The ?rst thing anyone does now when they hear of a company or prod...

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  • Mon Nov 1 2010

    Train your Employees and Reap the Benefits

    Well-trained employees are key to your business’ success. In addition to the obvious training that your employees require for certification and licensing, consider the other aspects of their jobs where they could use additional development. This may include customer service, software or computer skills, or even business or marketing training.Employees who have received the most training are usually the most productive and effective, and they can determine your company’s success. By promoting a companywide culture of learning, you are proving to your employees that you are invested in their ...

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  • Wed Jun 12 2013

    Education and Productivity

    The relationship between education and productivity at more than 3,100 U.S. workplaces was studied.• On average, a 10 percent increase in the workforce education level led to an 8.6 percent gain in total factor productivity. • By comparison, a 10 percent rise in capital stock - that is, the value of equipment -increased productivity by just 3.4 percent. • The marginal value of investing in human capital is about three times greater than the value of investing in machinery. • For every year of additional education in a city’s workforce, productivity goes up about 2.8 percent. Philadelphia: U...

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  • Wed Jun 12 2013

    Business Productivity

    Three years ago, 53 percent of the business owners said that technology had “greatly increased” their companies’ productivity. Today, that statement is made by 76 percent of the survey group. The number of business owners who say that wireless is going to be even more critical to them in the coming three years has grown from 51 percent in 2007 to 62 percent in 2010. 33 percent - the number of business owners who say they have adopted wireless completely, thereby allowing their employees to work effectively outside the office at all times.

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  • Fri Oct 1 2010

    Increase Efficiency to Increase Productivity

    Running a business can be hectic. You might often find yourself dealing with the day-today details of running your office instead of the larger picture of managing your business. Here are a few tips to help simplify the details so that you can focus on the big picture: 1. Website: Your website is likely the customer’s first access point to your business. It should be easy to navigate, provide relevant and engaging content, and include your contact information. This will reduce the number of non-essential inquiries and allow your customers to get right to the point when they call. 2. Automat...

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