Thursday July 5, 2012

Simple Tools to Make Checking Email Less Painful

Email, the defacto form of communication today, is over four decades old. Ever since the first email was sent in 1971, our inboxes have become more cluttered and more demanding. While the need for email is obvious, the actual process of reading all of those messages can be overwhelming. Here are four simple tools to help make that morning email session less painful:

1. ToutApp
is a great tool to streamline your email workflow. It enables you to create email templates and schedule email deliveries, and it gives you real-time stats on when your emails are received and whether links have been clicked.

2. Smartr Inbox
adds context around the people you’re emailing and pulls in your contact information from social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

3. WiseStamp
lets you add dynamic social media buttons to your email signature, letting you easily and visually share your Twitter account, blog, or Google+ profile through your email.

4. WriteThat.Name
creates new contacts from email signatures so you don’t have to manually add new contacts for each new person you meet.

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