Tuesday January 1, 2013

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

The New Year is here, and with it come New Year’s resolutions. Not only are they important for your personal goals, keeping your resolutions is a must for your small business. Your business resolutions are those specific actions and efforts you plan to take in order to strengthen your team and business and improve customer experiences in the year ahead. You’ve already mapped out a plan for 2013 and prepped yourself for change; now it’s time to keep those resolutions. Here are five tips that will help you stay the course:

1) Remember your core values. In order for your resolution to stick, it needs to connect to your deep-seated values. The more superficial the goal, the easier it will be to neglect. Set resolutions that will benefit both your business and you personally.   

2) Create a supportive environment. Your business environment can be a key factor in resolution sabotage. Cultivating an environment that supports your business goals is mandatory for success. Develop progress reports to keep yourself on track and hold your employees accountable as well.  

3) Work on just one resolution at a time. Trying to juggle too many resolutions at once will make you unfocused, a sure setup for failure. While you may want to tackle all resolutions at once, try to refrain. You’ll see greater success if you work on one goal at a time. 

4) Focus on the process. The majority of your goals and resolutions won’t pan out the first week or month of the year. Instead of focusing on the finish line, set your sights on the manageable steps it will take to reach that goal. 

5) Remember that failures don’t mean the end. How you respond to your failures will define your success this year, not the failures themselves. Don’t give failure the power to stop your progress. You tried something new and it didn’t work out. It’s OK. Now you’re equipped with the knowledge and understanding of why you failed. Pick yourself up and try again.

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