Wednesday December 5, 2012

Prepare for Change

If there’s one constant in business, it’s change. There are three things a business owner can do when faced with a major change. First, ignoring it is a strategy that will surely result in failure. Second, reacting to it will allow your business to survive. Third, making other changes is an approach that will result in growth. In times of change, it’s not business as usual – it’s business as unusual. Whether it’s growth or decline, a new structure or new policies, change can be difficult. Organizations that succeed are those that have a sound plan for dealing with change. Here are four ideas to help your business make the most ofchange: 

 1. Examine your organizational culture.  Are there any impediments to change? Some traditions and practices may need to be revamped to meet new needs.  

 2. Communicate. Always talk to employees about the benefits of change and manage their expectations. This will create a forward-thinking environment.  

 3. Make expectations clear. Key employees should know that embracing change is part of their responsibility.  

 4. Review existing policies. A periodic review of company procedures and systems will help make sure employees support change.

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