Thursday June 27, 2013

Tips for Your Business This Summer

With half of 2013 already behind us, July is an ideal time for your company to evaluate what it’s accomplished already and determine what else needs to be done. Here are a few tips that will be helpful for sustaining a healthy growing business this summer.  

1) Assess Your Goals: Take some time this summer to revisit the physical list of the goals and plans your company made at the beginning of the year, and see how many you can check off. This exercise will help prevent procrastination and gives you the opportunity to adjust the timeline for those goals that still need to be completed.  

2) Grow Your Network: Nothing can take away the importance of business connections and positive word of mouth for your business. This summer presents an opportunity for you to connect with those people benefiting from a more flexible schedule as opposed to other times during the year. You can go the traditional route and ask someone to get coffee or lunch with you, or get on top of your social media and connect with influencers through Facebook or LinkedIn. These two platforms in particular are great tools to expand brand awareness and make new connections that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.
3) Get Your Staff on Track: As a business owner, it’s always important to be accessible to your employees. Throughout these summer months, schedule some one-on-one time with your staff to train them and get their individual views on how they view the business. This allows them to get a break from the daily grind and add some variety to their day. It will also help your employees feel a sense of importance when you take the time to get their opinions on the business, giving them the opportunity to provide some outside thoughts. 

4) Get Away from It All:They don’t call it a summer vacation for nothing. It’s summertime, and you deserve a break for all of your hard work. If you can, take a trip by yourself or with your family. Do something that’s outside of your line of work to de-stress and re-charge your battery. That way, when you get back to work you’ll feel refreshed. 

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