Wednesday September 5, 2012

Creating A Culture Of Innovation

Innovation. While this word is typically associated with companies like Pixar, Apple,®or Google, it means moving forward. While the right mix is necessary to create a culture of innovation, there are three main ingredients that can benefit even the smallest of businesses:

1. Hire the right people.There should always be people on your team who continually ask questions to address possible constraints. This is in addition to networking, observing, and experimenting with everything from product selection to messaging.

2. Provide appropriate incentives. Beyond paying a fair wage, establish a blend of unique rewards for innovation. And instead of punishing failure, tolerate and create a process of trial-and-error experimentation.

3. Agree on a common language.
While understanding a definition may seem simple, ensuring everyone agrees on what innovation means for both your team and company is a must. When everyone is on the same page, they can all strive for the same, innovative goal.

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