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  • Thu Jun 27 2013

    Tips for Your Business This Summer

    With half of 2013 already behind us, July is an ideal time for your company to evaluate what it’s accomplished already and determine what else needs to be done. Here are a few tips that will be helpful for sustaining a healthy growing business this summer.  1) Assess Your Goals: Take some time this summer to revisit the physical list of the goals and plans your company made at the beginning of the year, and see how many you can check off. This exercise will help prevent procrastination and gives you the opportunity to adjust the timeline for those goals that still need to be ...

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  • Tue Jun 11 2013

    Water Saved by Producing Recycled Paper

    55%: the amount of water saved by producing recycled paper versus new paper 8 Billion: the number of gallons of gas saved if every commuter car carried just one more person. 210 Billion: Sheets of paper used by U.S. companies every year for faxing. fax-pricing.html" target=""> ssl-certificate-products/ fax-pricing.html

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  • Fri Mar 1 2013

    Tracking Your Company's Critical Number

    Financial literacy is critical for small business owners. Not knowing how to properly track the money in and out can have detrimental results, draining a business of funds through uncontrolled spending and poor operational practices. Know the Terms: Here are some key terms to help you on the path to financial literacy. Net Income: This number lets you know precisely how much money you’ve earned once all revenue is tallied up and all expenses have been subtracted. Gross Margin: This number gives you the difference between revenue and cost before subtracting general and ov...

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  • Tue Jan 1 2013

    Keeping New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

    The New Year is here, and with it come New Year’s resolutions. Not only are they important for your personal goals, keeping your resolutions is a must for your small business. Your business resolutions are those specific actions and efforts you plan to take in order to strengthen your team and business and improve customer experiences in the year ahead. You’ve already mapped out a plan for 2013 and prepped yourself for change; now it’s time to keep those resolutions. Here are five tips that will help you stay the course:1) Remember your core values. In order for your resolution to stick, it...

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  • Wed Dec 5 2012

    Prepare for Change

    If there’s one constant in business, it’s change. There are three things a business owner can do when faced with a major change. First, ignoring it is a strategy that will surely result in failure. Second, reacting to it will allow your business to survive. Third, making other changes is an approach that will result in growth. In times of change, it’s not business as usual – it’s business as unusual. Whether it’s growth or decline, a new structure or new policies, change can be difficult. Organizations that succeed are those that have a sound plan for dealing with change. Here are four idea...

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  • Mon Nov 5 2012

    Business Planning: Four Things to Think About

    A new year is right around the corner. Now is the time to revisit the year’s progress and contemplate how to end it with a bang. This is also the time to think about how to begin 2013 on the right track and set your business up for success. Here are four steps that will help you get started on your business planning adventure.1. Set work/life goals. While there is no right or wrong answer here, the important part is to be honest with yourself. Defining a work/personal life balance is crucial for success, so be specific with your goals and write them down. These goals will guide you througho...

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  • Fri Oct 5 2012

    Four Easy Ways to Thank Your Customers

    No matter what business you’re in, it’s always important to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. With the holiday season just around the corner, showing you care is critical. While there are endless ways to show your gratitude, there are some keys to doing it in a sincere and memorable way. Here are four simple ways to show some customer appreciation.1. Wow them. Go above and beyond and always provide them with stellar customer service. Showing your appreciation begins with top-tier customer support, and should be evident throughout all your interactions with them. 2. Spend...

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  • Wed Sep 5 2012

    Creating A Culture Of Innovation

    Innovation. While this word is typically associated with companies like Pixar, Apple,®or Google™, it means moving forward. While the right mix is necessary to create a culture of innovation, there are three main ingredients that can benefit even the smallest of businesses:1. Hire the right people.There should always be people on your team who continually ask questions to address possible constraints. This is in addition to networking, observing, and experimenting with everything from product selection to messaging.2. Provide appropriate incentives. Beyond paying a fair wage, establish a ble...

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  • Sun Aug 5 2012

    How to Have Meaningful Interactions With Fans on Facebook

    Perhaps you have a Facebook page. If so, that’s great! But how do you get people to engage with you and build brand affinity for your business? Here are five quick tips to help you start meaningful conversations with your fans.1. Create a conversational calendar. Plan what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it. Clever content is key, but consistent, clever content is even more important.2. Post at least one or two times per week. It is ideal to pop up in people’s newsfeed at least once, if not twice, a week. Remember to make sure your profile image is visually appealing so it ...

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  • Thu Jul 5 2012

    Simple Tools to Make Checking Email Less Painful

    Email, the defacto form of communication today, is over four decades old. Ever since the first email was sent in 1971, our inboxes have become more cluttered and more demanding. While the need for email is obvious, the actual process of reading all of those messages can be overwhelming. Here are four simple tools to help make that morning email session less painful:1. ToutApp is a great tool to streamline your email workflow. It enables you to create email templates and schedule email deliveries, and it gives you real-time stats on when your emails are received and whether links have been c...

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