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  • Mon Nov 16 2015

    All-In-One Solution

    What do you recommend as a good deodorizer and disinfectant for rodent urine and droppings? We're doing a clean out of a junk garage in preparation for treatment. There is a heavy odor of rodent urine as well as droppings identified as those of roof rats. Along with rat management, we need to remove the odor and, most importantly, disinfect (hantavirus)
    Submitted by Cameron, CA

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  • Mon Nov 9 2015

    A Horse of Another Color

    Do insect growth regulators (IGRs) work on all insects? What about brown recluse spiders?
    Submitted by tracy, AL

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  • Wed Nov 4 2015

    There’s More than One Way To Kill a Pest

    I have read many references regarding how borates kill crawling pests, but I cannot find a good scientific source. What is the real science behind borate mode of action?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon Nov 2 2015

    Unreasonable Adverse Effects

    I treat the perimeter of many homes with Suspend SC. If I accidentally spray it over a lizard, will it cause harm or death to the lizard? Also, if a lizard walks over the dry residual, will the lizard be affected?
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Thu Oct 29 2015

    Caribbean, Hairy, Rasberry, Tawny & Crazy

    We have located a colony of Caribbean crazy ants in south Georgia. They are not common in Georgia. What products do you have for these?
    Submitted by john, GA

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  • Mon Oct 26 2015

    Seek and Ye Shall Find

    I’m having an issue with meal moths in a rural town. Do you have any suggestions for managing these pests? I’m getting calls about them from the school district and private homes.
    Submitted by Derrick, OH

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  • Fri Oct 16 2015

    Scorpion Scented

    I use glue boards in garages and laundry rooms to catch scorpions. Are they attracted to the scented glue boards or are they just passing and get stuck on them? Second question: How do scorpions detect moisture?
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Wed Oct 14 2015

    After the Storm

    I live in the Columbia, SC area. I’m wondering, in light of the recent flooding in South Carolina, what effect will this have on pests? We had an invasion of ants and a few American roaches during the peak of the storm and my home was not even hit with the floods. Any special precautions we should keep in mind while treating in some of the heavier flooded areas after everything starts drying up?
    Submitted by Rick, SC

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  • Mon Oct 12 2015

    Ghostly Spiders

    A woman in an office building is complaining of insect bites inside her office. She went to the doctor and the doctor told her that they were spider bites. I treated the office two times with Cy-Kick CS and Essentria IC3. I also placed insect monitors inside her office. Twenty days later, I inspected the office and no pests were on the monitors. No spider webs – nothing. Could it be somet...
    Submitted by Aussie, CA

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  • Thu Oct 8 2015

    No Riders

    The staff at a social service agency transports clients in their personal vehicles and sees bed bugs on the clothes or a bag of a client sitting in the passenger seat. They are concerned about the bed bugs falling off the client and then being transferred to another passenger or perhaps to themselves. What kind of inspection, monitoring or treatment do you recommend for a passenger car? Ditt...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Tue Oct 6 2015

    Midge Quality Water

    With the heavy flooding rain in Florida this year, I have had the biggest issue with midges around clients’ homes that are near a pond or lake. The problem is worst around front and back doors. Is there some kind of a repellent product? I have asked them to contact their homeowners associations so they can contact an aquatic specialist.
    Submitted by Robert, FL

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  • Fri Oct 2 2015

    Unintentional Bites

    Do cockroaches bite people?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Sep 28 2015

    Out With the Trashwater

    We have a 20-story condo building on the ocean. It has seven towers with two units on each floor. Each unit has a trash chute in the kitchen running to a trash room in the ground level of the parking garage (seven trash rooms total). American cockroaches are the reason we were hired and we’re having trouble getting a handle on them. They must wash down the trash rooms several times a week. ...
    Submitted by Scott, FL

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  • Wed Sep 23 2015

    May I Be Excused?

    Can Eco Exempt (Essentria) products be applied in schools without all the restrictions, including sweeping webs?
    Submitted by Matt, CA

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  • Mon Sep 21 2015

    Fresh Scent

    How often should we replace our Trécé domes?
    Submitted by Joanna, CA

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  • Mon Sep 14 2015


    What pesticides kill springtails and which is best to manage springtails outside?
    Submitted by Greg, TX

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  • Fri Sep 4 2015

    The Cabinets Aren't Bare

    How much time before a person is able to put items back after applying gel bait for cockroaches inside kitchen cabinets – next day, 2 days? Is it necessary to empty all of the cabinet?
    Submitted by Eliseo, CA

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  • Tue Sep 1 2015

    Indoor Fly Baits

    What are some insecticides available for house flies? I know foggers are not recommended. I’m assuming lures are the most effective.
    Submitted by Shawn, OH

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  • Tue Aug 25 2015

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    I have heard that mosquitoes do not fly once the temperature drops below 55°F. What temperature does it have to be above for yellowjackets to be out flying? I serviced a few accounts recently while the temps were in the low 60s and didn't see many active flight paths. Now that the temps are back into the 80s-90s, the areas I previously inspected three weeks ago have activity.
    Submitted by Randy, OH

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  • Wed Aug 19 2015

    Direct Combat

    The majority of my business is spider management during the spring, summer and fall months. We apply either Suspend SC or Temprid SC. Both have done very well for me. What are the rules for spraying the entire exterior of a home or business? Obviously, we watch the weather for high winds and rain, but when the conditions are right can I spray the entire exterior? My customers don't like to...
    Submitted by Eric, OH

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