• Wed Jul 9 2014

    A Smooth Shave

    What is the regulation or law concerning facial hair on a pest control technician in the state of Florida?
    Submitted by edward, FL

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  • Mon Jul 7 2014

    Pet Traps

    I have a client who recently used glue boards to trap mice. Unfortunately for him, he has a short-haired puppy that became a little too curious and got one of the glue boards stuck to its leg. He called me for help and I offered what help I could, but thought it would be a good idea to get your opinion. What is the safest and most effective way to remove a glue board from a short-haired cani...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Fri Jul 4 2014

    Springtail Sourcing

    I have a customer who, every morning, has really small bugs in most of the sinks and showers in the house. They look and jump like springtails. None of the sinks or showers has leaks around them, upstairs or downstairs. There is some bad wood siding on the house and no mulch. This just started about five days ago. What can I do to manage the situation?
    Submitted by Terry, OH

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  • Wed Jul 2 2014

    Now You See ‘Em

    I have a customer that is getting bitten by something. I checked for bed bugs and fleas but didn’t find anything. I set out a glue board under a lamp one night and returned the following day to find insects that I identified to be in the biting midge family. What exactly is a biting midge? If that is in fact what they are, how do I get rid of them?
    Submitted by craig, NC

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  • Mon Jun 30 2014

    Voids Devoid of Scorpions

    What is your best recommendation for a scorpion treatment inside a residence?
    Submitted by andy, AZ

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  • Fri Jun 27 2014

    Find Them First

    What’s the best way to treat for carpet beetles inside of a 1,500 sq. ft. mobile home? What’s the best product to use?
    Submitted by nathan, CA

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  • Wed Jun 25 2014

    Like Flies On ...

    What advice do you have for flies in and around horse stables?
    Submitted by Wendell G, NC

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  • Mon Jun 23 2014

    Be Careful

    We use Demand CS to treat exterior perimeters. What can I tank mix with it that will provide knockdown? I'd like to spray a bug and show my customer the instant results they are looking for.
    Submitted by Daniel, NC

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  • Fri Jun 20 2014


    I have been dealing with an ongoing roof rat issue at a pet store in a strip mall. I've tried T-Rex traps baited with a wide variety of baits including the dog food they eat the most. I catch some on glue traps but just young ones. The adults avoid all traps and the problem is getting worse. Another company services the strip mall and I only service the pet store. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Manny, AZ

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  • Thu Jun 19 2014

    Already Alright

    I need to treat for spiders but the customer is very chemical sensitive. What products would be best for this situation? We do use a Webster web remover.
    Submitted by Richard, GA

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  • Wed Jun 18 2014

    Poor for Porous Surfaces

    What is the best pesticide formulation for application to porous surfaces?
    Submitted by Todd, CA

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  • Mon Jun 16 2014

    Timing is Everything

    We seem to be getting bombarded with millipedes. I have communicated to my customers the importance of keeping moist organic material away from the home and have tried a multitude of products. Of the few that have been successful, granular and dust formulations worked best. Are there any green products that are recommended? Also, which dusts are highly repellent?
    Submitted by Khari, GA

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  • Fri Jun 13 2014

    Dust is a Do!

    What is your opinion about dust applications in chemical bed bug treatments and to what areas would you apply dust?
    Submitted by Mike, VA

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  • Thu Jun 12 2014

    Sweet CO2

    Can CO2 mosquito traps attract black flies and biting midges (no-see-ums)?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Wed Jun 11 2014

    Mite Mitigation

    I have been seeing an influx of spider mites in my area. They are infesting lawns and working their way into houses. The regular pesticide I use (bifenthrin) doesn’t seem to be working. I check all the plants inside and outside of the house and treat once or twice, but the spider mites still come back within a week. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Nathan, WA

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  • Mon Jun 9 2014

    One Size Fits All?

    What is the average number of chemical treatments, initial and follow-ups combined, that should be done when treating bed bugs?
    Submitted by Mike, VA

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  • Fri Jun 6 2014

    Symptom Relief

    Our company uses Contrac Blox, Fastrac and Terad3. With Contrac, vitamin K1 is the antidote. However, for Fastrac and Terad3, there is no antidote, only treatment programs for sub-lethal ingestions. What are they?
    Submitted by joey, MS

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  • Wed Jun 4 2014

    Aim Higher

    We are a small mosquito control company and are pretty new. We treated a yard two days ago that had some trees and shrubs taken down a week ago and pushed behind their fence. We were over there hanging out and only a couple people were bitten. We treated the yard with Talstar P and put some repellent granules down as well. Why would they still be biting? Would we need to try a liquid larva...
    Submitted by courtney, GA

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  • Tue Jun 3 2014

    Wrinkle-Free Bed Bugs

    Which is a more costly service for bed bugs, insecticides or steam?
    Submitted by jeffrey, NY

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  • Mon Jun 2 2014

    The Fire Ant Two-Step

    I have had a couple of accounts with extensive California (southern) fire ant nests. I have been using Temprid SC for most of my general pest control needs and applying a light mist three to five feet around the mounds, but I'm wondering if there may be a better solution with how large of an area these ants are infesting. Sometimes the majority of the mounds are on a neighboring property whic...
    Submitted by Michael, CA

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