• Fri Aug 22 2014

    Persistence is Futile

    I recently inspected a house for termites. It had them in various places, inside and out. I asked the homeowner if it had ever been treated and he said it had been, 25 to 30 years ago with chlordane. How can I help this homeowner? Is chlordane still toxic in the ground?
    Submitted by Jim, MO

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  • Wed Aug 20 2014

    Phantom Bugs

    I’ve had a problem with a couple of bed bug jobs. I will have my customers prep their home and then schedule treatments at two-week intervals. Afterwards, the homeowner will go a month with no bites or sightings. Then, out of the blue, they will call about finding a dying bed bug. I think it was there the whole time and just taking time to die. Do you know how or why this happens?
    Submitted by Mike, OH

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  • Mon Aug 18 2014

    It’s Good to Have Goals

    What is the best pesticide for indoor pest control?
    Submitted by Ed, FL

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  • Fri Aug 15 2014

    Refrigerated Food Source

    I’ve recently found some type of larvae in a refrigerator and freezer. My client removed all the food and cleaned the refrigerator, but now, a week later, they’re back. I've treated inside the appliance with BAC-A-ZAP to control bacteria. Any ideas on how I should treat this?
    Submitted by Michael, FL

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  • Wed Aug 13 2014

    One Night Only

    How long does a fogging to an open area for a party last?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Aug 11 2014

    The Bigger Picture

    Rodents are not going into a bait station and consuming bait. They go around and over it. How can I control activity? I’ve used Contrac Blox and soft bait.
    Submitted by armando, CA

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  • Fri Aug 8 2014

    Miracle Worker

    It is unusual to have adult carpenter bees flying around this time year, especially in an area where there is no wood. The situation is a modern office building with a shiny metal surface. There are numerous gaps on the surface to permit moisture to drain away. Exactly one year ago, carpenter bees were hovering and landing on the sunny side of the building. When it was cloudy, they were no...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Wed Aug 6 2014

    Come Back and Visit

    An apartment manager wants us to treat an apartment with German cockroaches every week for four weeks in a row. Can we legally do this? We will be applying Temprid SC plus CB-80 and Invader aerosols.
    Submitted by Diane, TX

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  • Mon Aug 4 2014

    Sand, Sun & Digger Wasp Fun

    How can I treat a dog run with ground wasps in sun-exposed sand?
    Submitted by lou, NY

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  • Fri Aug 1 2014

    Great Expectations

    I run a part-time mosquito barrier business in north central Texas using a Stihl backpack sprayer. I apply bifenthrin and NyGuard IGR every 21 days. A few of my customers have had mosquitoes come back after two weeks. Is there anything better than what I’m using?
    Submitted by Craig, TX

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  • Wed Jul 30 2014

    Making the Switch

    Because of the restrictions on exterior pyrethroid applications, I’d like to find a broad label insecticide that allows for application over a wider range of areas on the exterior of homes. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Nate, MA

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  • Mon Jul 28 2014

    Better Apart Than Together

    I have been mixing Essentria IC3 with Cy-Kick CS. I don't see anything on the Essentria IC3 or Cy-Kick CS labels about it not being okay to mix them together. A coworker says he doesn't do it anymore because Essentria IC3 causes Cy-Kick CS to become ineffective and he has had more call backs. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
    Submitted by Lee, CA

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  • Fri Jul 25 2014

    Just the Facts

    Where is it written that dogs can’t be on the property (yard) or people must vacate the home for two hours after an interior treatment? I don't see it on product labels.
    Submitted by Rick, CA

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  • Wed Jul 23 2014

    Ant Colony Gives Birth in Hospital

    What is the best way to manage winged ants in a hospital? They are in the light fixtures and, some think, above the ceiling tiles.
    Submitted by Henry, MA

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  • Mon Jul 21 2014

    Infested Septic?

    I have a customer with a big moth fly issue. They have a 1,000-gallon septic tank where they seem to be breeding. Can you offer some suggestions on control?
    Submitted by Steve, MA

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  • Fri Jul 18 2014

    Rat Birth Control

    Is there a product that controls rats the way OvoControl works on pigeons? One of our customers was asking.
    Submitted by Roy, NV

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  • Wed Jul 16 2014

    Feathers in the Attic

    My customer was seeing small bugs the size of grain beetles with black hair. I tracked them to a dead pigeon in the attic. I removed the pigeon and my customer is still seeing the bugs seven days later. I cannot identify this bug therefore I do not know what else I can do. Please tell me what you think. What is this bug?
    Submitted by Paxton, FL

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  • Mon Jul 14 2014

    Wrong Way Rats

    What can we do if rats are coming from a toilet in a new building and the exterior perimeter has bait stations installed?
    Submitted by Amaury, FL

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  • Fri Jul 11 2014

    Silent but Not Deadly

    I know scorpions exist in Arizona and Nevada. Are there scorpions in Florida??
    Submitted by Moises, FL

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  • Wed Jul 9 2014

    A Smooth Shave

    What is the regulation or law concerning facial hair on a pest control technician in the state of Florida?
    Submitted by edward, FL

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