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  • Mon Sep 21 2015

    Fresh Scent

    How often should we replace our Trécé domes?
    Submitted by Joanna, CA

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  • Mon Sep 14 2015


    What pesticides kill springtails and which is best to manage springtails outside?
    Submitted by Greg, TX

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  • Fri Sep 4 2015

    The Cabinets Aren't Bare

    How much time before a person is able to put items back after applying gel bait for cockroaches inside kitchen cabinets – next day, 2 days? Is it necessary to empty all of the cabinet?
    Submitted by Eliseo, CA

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  • Tue Sep 1 2015

    Indoor Fly Baits

    What are some insecticides available for house flies? I know foggers are not recommended. I’m assuming lures are the most effective.
    Submitted by Shawn, OH

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  • Tue Aug 25 2015

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    I have heard that mosquitoes do not fly once the temperature drops below 55°F. What temperature does it have to be above for yellowjackets to be out flying? I serviced a few accounts recently while the temps were in the low 60s and didn't see many active flight paths. Now that the temps are back into the 80s-90s, the areas I previously inspected three weeks ago have activity.
    Submitted by Randy, OH

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  • Wed Aug 19 2015

    Direct Combat

    The majority of my business is spider management during the spring, summer and fall months. We apply either Suspend SC or Temprid SC. Both have done very well for me. What are the rules for spraying the entire exterior of a home or business? Obviously, we watch the weather for high winds and rain, but when the conditions are right can I spray the entire exterior? My customers don't like to...
    Submitted by Eric, OH

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  • Thu Aug 13 2015

    German Specialist

    What equipment would you suggest for someone wanting to specialize in German cockroach management? Is wall injection necessary?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Mon Aug 10 2015

    Short-Term Swarm Relief

    What control measure is there for flying termites coming out of a bathroom light in ceiling?
    Submitted by MICHAEL, AZ

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  • Tue Aug 4 2015

    Nighttime + Cat Food

    What is the best method to lure a skunk out from under a house?
    Submitted by Gary, OK

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  • Mon Jul 27 2015


    I'm having a problem with German cockroaches in a restaurant I’ve serviced since April 2014. It’s in a shopping plaza connected to a nail salon, bakery and another restaurant (I haven't talked to any of them yet). It’s not a dirty restaurant although they do have table legs, pipes behind the cookline and a grease trap that could be cleaned. The restaurant was fumigated for termites about six...
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Thu Jul 23 2015

    It’s the Knockdown

    How can you tell if a product is repellent or non-repellent? I've been trying to find information on product labels, SDS and anywhere online and I just can't get a read on what is what. I have a good idea from what I've noticed in the field with certain products, but I would love to find a list of active ingredients or products to be able to reference once and for all.
    Submitted by Jonathan, WA

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  • Mon Jul 20 2015

    Failure to Find

    Blankety blank® used to work very well on German cockroaches. This is no longer the case. The majority of roaches that are sprayed are slowed down but there is very little long-term control. Did they change the formula?
    Submitted by david, FL

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  • Thu Jul 16 2015

    Same Active, Different Dress

    We generally use Termidor 80 WG for termite treatments. Is there a difference between Termidor SC versus Termidor 80 WG other than cost? Should I use SC in some cases and 80 WG in others?
    Submitted by Garry, VA

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  • Tue Jul 7 2015

    Tiny Ghosts

    Sometimes I come across small, kind of beige spider mite-looking things that, from a bit farther away, look like ghost ants. I think they have tiny spider-like bodies but trail like ants. I've seen them in and outdoors. What might they be? Do you believe sweet borate baits would be effective?
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Thu Jul 2 2015

    Bed Bug Collars?

    What products and steps are needed to treat multiple cats in a bed bug infested home? The customer has two dogs and eight cats living indoors with them. Hours after I heated and sprayed the home, the homeowners called complaining about seeing multiple live bugs. The only variable in this home is the large number of cats. I tend to have problems with cat owners in general, especially if thei...
    Submitted by David, OH

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  • Mon Jun 29 2015

    The Carpenters

    I have a customer with these little black bees behind her house. They are boring into the siding and swarming around the eaves. They are not carpenter bees. They are smaller and completely black. I have observed them going in and out of the holes in the siding. I am trying to determine what I am dealing with and how to stop them. They make about quarter inch holes in the siding.
    Submitted by craig, WY

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  • Wed Jun 24 2015

    Texas Post

    In Texas, am I required to hang a notice of regular pest control treatment in a restaurant? If so, where can I get a sample notice?
    Submitted by Brian, TX

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  • Mon Jun 22 2015

    All Is Not Lost

    From time to time, a friend of mine asks me to "come take a look at something". They are a family with seven kids and move around to different rentals. Usually, the answer is simple—clean this up, keep this sealed, move this or keep the screen doors shut. The problem now is gnats, a lot of them. It took about 10 seconds to find a long-term leak inside the walls of the bathroom, kitchen, ups...
    Submitted by Mullen, CA

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  • Fri Jun 19 2015

    Fur Conditioner

    We are servicing a house with a mouse problem. At first, we used glue boards and they were very effective at catching and managing the mice. But lately, they seem to be avoiding all glue boards and the problem is worsening. We are thinking of changing to snap traps to see if they will make a difference. Is there another suggestion of what we should do to help stem the tide of mice? Baiting...
    Submitted by Coleman, AL

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  • Tue Jun 16 2015

    Gnat or Not

    Do gnats bite people?
    Submitted by ronald, AZ

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