• Tue Feb 24 2015

    Coach or First Class?

    How do we control centipedes in a passenger plane?
    Submitted by Ann, HI

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  • Sun Feb 22 2015

    Using Online Training

    Where do I enter my license so I can get credits for the training?
    Submitted by Martin, CA

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  • Sat Feb 21 2015

    Sharing Responsibility

    We currently service a Bean processing plant with no responsabilty for mice. Can we furnish bait stations and bait with their people monitoring? What are rules governing this situation? They currently have live traps inside and would like to know what can be used as an attractant?
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Fri Feb 20 2015

    A Log is Good Evidence

    What will be your recommendation about dating rodent control devices for a weekly service in a non-food warehouse? Should we do it every visit and what will be the benefit behind that? Thanks
    Submitted by Ayad, MI

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  • Thu Feb 19 2015

    Strange Worms

    Our client has observed long thin worms inside the toilet bowls on several different floors of a high rise office building. I strongly suspect these are horsehair worms. The building has a history of American cockroaches. On occasion American cockroaches have emerged from dry drains and dry toilet bowls on the upper floors. What treatment alternatives are available to solve this situation?
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Mon Feb 16 2015

    Overcoming Grease

    I have German roaches nesting in a greasy cabinet. I have used Advion roach bait, Delta dust, Temprid sc, Larva lure. I'm at a lost at this point.
    Submitted by Jack, NM

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  • Thu Feb 12 2015

    The Role of Credibility

    I'm trying to find information on pesticide safety for a customer. I was out to do a bed bug treatment and one elderly resident showed high concerns that if I found active bed bugs that the products we used could seriously harm her. I tried to explain how and where we use applications for the bed bug issue using crack and crevice treatments. Any info that i can print out for them will be very h...
    Submitted by Thomas, GA

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  • Tue Feb 10 2015

    Bigger and Juicier

    What is the largest species of termite?
    Submitted by Thomas, NJ

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  • Mon Feb 9 2015

    Big Heads, White Feet

    What is the best way of treating big headed ants and white footed ants?
    Submitted by Randall, FL

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  • Thu Feb 5 2015

    Eight Legs and the Backstroke

    I have a customer who gets about 2-3 dozen spiders (small about 3/8 inch, black) in his in-ground pool each morning, which then just disappear in the late morning. They do not seem to die and drown. They are all alive and look like they are going for a daily swim. They are never found by the rocks and pavement around the pool and they never see any throughout the yard. What kind would they be a...
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Tue Feb 3 2015

    Pests In The Belfry

    Where can I find a commercial inspection report for a church? thanks.
    Submitted by Gary, OK

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  • Mon Feb 2 2015

    Shedding Our Tiers

    Can you explain the different Tier levels on pesticide products, such as Tier 1, Tier 2, etc. Thanks.
    Submitted by Jerry, FL

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  • Mon Jan 26 2015

    Got IPM?

    Where can a person find a good IPM program, such as for schools?
    Submitted by Gerald, CA

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  • Sun Jan 25 2015

    Might Be Bites, Might Not

    This particular issue has me scratching my head literally. Customer complains she and her family are getting bitten by "fleas". I have inspected the home for numerous biting insects - fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes - they have never seen the culprits nor have I. The family complains it's worse after a bath. I have thought of mites and suggested having a doctor look at the affected areas. Any ideas?...
    Submitted by chad, LA

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  • Sat Jan 24 2015

    Intelligence versus Common Sense

    Many people of average to above average intelligence think they can do their own pest control. What are some of the factors that may make this dangerous?
    Submitted by Mary, MO

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  • Thu Jan 22 2015

    Twice Bitten?

    After positive visual i.d. of bed bug, have started with bed bug regimen, to include mattress and box spring covers, various sprays and dust, where appropriate...positive results after two trips...but now customer bitten by "something" and of course they swear it's a bed bug but we do not have visual i.d. of bed bugs or their "sign". Is there a way to positively i.d. the insect bite that mi...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Wed Jan 21 2015

    What Does A Label Allow?

    My question is about Bifen L/P. Can your target pest be ants, spiders ,crickets, millipedes, and scorpions using this product? Also, am I correct in using .2 lbs. of product for a perimeter treatment of a 5 to 10 ft. band around my customers' homes?
    Submitted by Jeremy, GA

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  • Tue Jan 20 2015

    Just Not That Easy

    What is the easy way to control bed bugs?
    Submitted by Ruben, FL

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  • Mon Jan 19 2015

    Hot vs. Wet

    Do heat treatments out perform conventional spray treatments?
    Submitted by Dale, OH

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  • Sun Jan 18 2015

    Great Vehicle Reading Material

    Do you have to have the M.S.D.S. on the service vehicle or the Label or both?
    Submitted by Alan, AZ

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