• Mon Feb 2 2015

    Shedding Our Tiers

    Can you explain the different Tier levels on pesticide products, such as Tier 1, Tier 2, etc. Thanks.
    Submitted by Jerry, FL

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  • Mon Jan 26 2015

    Got IPM?

    Where can a person find a good IPM program, such as for schools?
    Submitted by Gerald, CA

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  • Sun Jan 25 2015

    Might Be Bites, Might Not

    This particular issue has me scratching my head literally. Customer complains she and her family are getting bitten by "fleas". I have inspected the home for numerous biting insects - fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes - they have never seen the culprits nor have I. The family complains it's worse after a bath. I have thought of mites and suggested having a doctor look at the affected areas. Any ideas?...
    Submitted by chad, LA

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  • Sat Jan 24 2015

    Intelligence versus Common Sense

    Many people of average to above average intelligence think they can do their own pest control. What are some of the factors that may make this dangerous?
    Submitted by Mary, MO

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  • Thu Jan 22 2015

    Twice Bitten?

    After positive visual i.d. of bed bug, have started with bed bug regimen, to include mattress and box spring covers, various sprays and dust, where appropriate...positive results after two trips...but now customer bitten by "something" and of course they swear it's a bed bug but we do not have visual i.d. of bed bugs or their "sign". Is there a way to positively i.d. the insect bite that mi...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Wed Jan 21 2015

    What Does A Label Allow?

    My question is about Bifen L/P. Can your target pest be ants, spiders ,crickets, millipedes, and scorpions using this product? Also, am I correct in using .2 lbs. of product for a perimeter treatment of a 5 to 10 ft. band around my customers' homes?
    Submitted by Jeremy, GA

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  • Tue Jan 20 2015

    Just Not That Easy

    What is the easy way to control bed bugs?
    Submitted by Ruben, FL

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  • Mon Jan 19 2015

    Hot vs. Wet

    Do heat treatments out perform conventional spray treatments?
    Submitted by Dale, OH

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  • Sun Jan 18 2015

    Great Vehicle Reading Material

    Do you have to have the M.S.D.S. on the service vehicle or the Label or both?
    Submitted by Alan, AZ

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  • Sat Jan 17 2015

    Is Anything "Safe"?

    What pest control residual would be a safe alternative to pyrethrins to use in my every day commercial accounts? Would Alpine be a good choice? I have been using traps and baits, but I would like to be able to use a safe residual as well, especially where people are present. I understand about the food handling aspect of Alpine, so it also is restrictive in some regard as well.
    Submitted by george, PA

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  • Fri Jan 16 2015

    Spiders at the Marina

    I need a product for controlling spiders on and around marine docks. What products are available for use around lakes?
    Submitted by Ray, MI

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  • Wed Jan 14 2015

    How Now Brown Whatever It Is

    Customers are finding some round Brown objects in flower beds, that when stepped on release brown powder? Can't remember what it is or where it comes from. Thanks for your help.
    Submitted by robert, FL

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  • Tue Jan 13 2015

    Booklice Squatters

    What is the best way to get rid of Book Lice. They are all over, in the cabinets, walls, Equipment that they use for radiation to patients and also all over the floor. It looks like they brought them in some boxes that they have on the floor.
    Submitted by Carlos, FL

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  • Wed Dec 17 2014

    What Remains

    This question refers to Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents in Massachusetts. After dispatching nuisance wildlife after it’s been trapped, what should you do with the carcass?
    Submitted by michael, MA

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  • Mon Dec 15 2014


    Does DEET repel mosquitoes or does it kill them?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Dec 12 2014

    Ceiling Lights

    What is the best product to knock down cluster flies in a food establishment?
    Submitted by Jorge, FL

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  • Wed Dec 10 2014

    Know Your Limits

    We are seeing Asian cockroaches in different buildings that we service. I have read up on what to do, but do we now have an effective product with which to treat?
    Submitted by Lynn, SC

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  • Mon Dec 8 2014

    House Rules

    What do SQF certified facilities require for pest control, i.e. bait station spacing, interior rodent control spacing, etc.?
    Submitted by Gerard, NJ

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  • Fri Dec 5 2014

    Primary vs. Secondary

    I'm dealing with a pigeon issue in a four-story senior citizen apartment building in a residential area. There are a few dozen pigeons roosting under one of the fourth floor dormers just above the tenant’s balcony. Avitrol is not appropriate because of secondary poisoning of seagulls. A contractor is going to do exclusion work, but first the pigeons have to be removed before cleanup can comm...
    Submitted by Richard, NS

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  • Wed Dec 3 2014

    Texas Speed Bumps

    Is there a treatment to eradicate a yard from armadillos? If there is not a treatment regimen, then are there any remedies to give to the homeowner?
    Submitted by Becky, AL

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