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  • Thu Nov 14 2013

    Good Question

    Greetings! What is lntegrated Pest Management?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Wed Nov 13 2013

    Dusty Attics

    I’m trying to determine the best scenario for attics. What is the best method of treating these? Should I use a desiccant?
    Submitted by ken, FL

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  • Tue Nov 12 2013

    Do It with You Pest Control

    I saw a customer today and I asked him how his bark scorpion situation is. He told me he has been seeing some in the house and got Cy-Kick several months ago. I've serviced his house with Demon WP and he has been using his Cy-Kick as a "supplement". I did not know this until today and said to him the mixing of these two products could create a cross contamination. Your opinion, please.
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Mon Nov 11 2013

    It’s Not Always Quality – Check Your Quantity

    I have a client that has converted an old barn originally built in 1917 into a residence. Being in an agricultural setting and all the variables that go along with such – like multiple food sources, surrounding plowed fields, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, etc. – it has a major mouse and rat problem. Each time I visit, around 30 Contrac Blox are gone, about 10 a day. The site is approximatel...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Thu Nov 7 2013

    Everything but the Kitchen Sink Beetles

    I have a customer that indicates he has millions of adult drugstore beetles coming out of the kitchen sink drain. Is it possible that they breed there? If so, how would one treat it?
    Submitted by Carmen, CA

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  • Wed Nov 6 2013

    Get ‘Em While They’re Right in Front of You

    Boxelder bugs are a real problem for a lot of my customers here. They get all over the sunny sides of their houses, all the way up to the second and third story, inside windows and anywhere their pesky little bodies will allow. Is there any effective way to control them?
    Submitted by Jake, WA

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  • Tue Nov 5 2013

    Coming Up Dry

    I have a two-story commercial building that keeps having an American roach problem. I found a drain on the first floor that was open, so I asked them to cap it. It seemed to help, but the problem persists. I have sprayed with Suspend and baited with Larva-Lur, which also has helped, but I still seem to have a lot of roaches in my glue traps. Every time I go to retreat on a monthly basis, th...
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Mon Nov 4 2013

    Stay above Soil and You’re Good

    After all the changes regarding pyrethroid usage around homes, how are barrier treatments to areas mosquitoes rest during the day, such as under and on hedges, bushes, plants , etc., affected? It seems these are gray areas. I have seen new language advising to direct away from swimming pools. Is this new?
    Submitted by Michael, GA

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  • Fri Nov 1 2013

    Blow ‘Em Away

    What is the best treatment for gnats and mosquitoes? The landscape has heavy foliage and I need to clear them out for a back yard wedding. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Sonny, TX

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  • Thu Oct 31 2013

    Tenting for More than Termites

    Is tenting a home or business for bedbugs recommended?
    Submitted by Louis, FL

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  • Wed Oct 30 2013

    The Stinky Stage

    How long does it take for a rat to decompose? Is the smell of a dead rat unhealthy for humans to be around?
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Tue Oct 29 2013

    If Only They’d Knock First!

    Can an apartment be successfully treated for bed bugs if connecting apartments are infested?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Mon Oct 28 2013

    Finding Maggots

    How do I get rid of fruit flies at a restaurant bar? The fruit flies are mainly in the bar area. What method do you recommend doing? I told the owner that they must clean up good every night.
    Submitted by Todd, NJ

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  • Fri Oct 25 2013

    Crossing State Lines

    Do you need a target pest to legally apply a pesticide?
    Submitted by MANUEL, CA

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  • Thu Oct 24 2013

    Outdoor Flea Market

    What is the best method for controlling fleas in in a dog pen? It’s a very severe infestation!
    Submitted by Jeffrey, GA

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  • Wed Oct 23 2013

    They’ll Take What They Can Get

    Can a small dog host rat mites?
    Submitted by Greg, FL

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  • Tue Oct 22 2013

    Clear the Room

    What are the best and safest products I can use with peace of mind in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes?
    Submitted by david, UT

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  • Mon Oct 21 2013

    Some of 100 Ways to Apply Termiticides

    Can Termidor SC be used for local treatments on termites inside a home? Can Premise 75 be broadcast sprayed in an accessible sub area as a preventative treatment for subterranean termites?
    Submitted by Mullen, CA

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  • Fri Oct 18 2013

    Running of the Roaches

    I actually have two questions. First, I have been working on a renovated home that has a German roach infestation. What is the quickest way to get a control of the matter? There is no food for them, but they will not go away. Second, I have a home that I have been treating that is getting wood roaches (American roaches) in their attic. I started to treat in there and now they are comin...
    Submitted by Shad, CA

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  • Thu Oct 17 2013

    Bee Box Crashers

    I’m looking for some help with a problem I have with ghost ants. I'm a beekeeper and I keep finding the ants nesting in between my boxes that stack on top of each other. I've treated the base of the stand the hives sit on, but they always seem to get past it and set up shop with the bees anyways. I've used both repellents and non-repellents.
    Submitted by leo, FL

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