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  • Mon Aug 5 2013

    Powdery Plants

    What is your solution for powdery mildew and how to get rid of it on a variety of bushes?
    Submitted by tim, CA

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  • Fri Aug 2 2013

    Welcome to Florida!

    I have a situation with an infestation of palmetto roaches. The house has a flat roof which is where I think they are. I have sprayed inside and out including eves and a foot up from the ground and the perimeter of house. I’ve also used granular bait around the outside. I have been back twice in two weeks. The lawn and shrubs are cleaned up. Do you have any suggestions?
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Thu Aug 1 2013

    A Possible Lack of Communication

    Many companies use chlorine bleach to clean their floors. I was asked by one of my colleagues if these cleaning products could break down the smell of urine and disorient a rodent population. Is there any research on this?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Wed Jul 31 2013

    Little Stinkers

    What pesticide kills stink bugs?
    Submitted by patrick, NY

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  • Tue Jul 30 2013


    A home and its structures have had exclusion work done to prevent rodent entry. The homeowner wants bait stations on the perimeter of their fence line to prevent rodents in the garden. Is this agricultural pest control? We are a structural pest control company and do exclusion work. I believe it’s not structural pest control and potentially endangering wildlife. But please correct me if I’...
    Submitted by Erick, CA

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  • Mon Jul 29 2013

    No Blood, No Kill

    Will rodent soft bait kill ants? I do not intend to nor have I used it for ants, but a couple of times I have found ants all over the rodent bait (First Strike). The ants appear to have taken some of the bait away. I'm just curious.
    Submitted by Dominick, NV

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  • Fri Jul 26 2013

    What To Do With Residues

    Do you have any tips for cleaning a backpack and wand of white chemical residue/chips? I think a rinsate bottle that had quite a bit of crust in it may have been rinsed into this backpack. It kind of reminds me of tiny chips of bar soap clung inside. Do you think the chips are something be concerned about? Do you think that they pose a chemical hazard?
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Thu Jul 25 2013

    The Fleas Aren’t Fleeing!

    Why are the fleas not going away? I’m using Talstar and Precor IGR.
    Submitted by Jason, CA

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  • Wed Jul 24 2013

    Do You Hear What I Hear?

    Do termites make noise behind walls?
    Submitted by GENE, MD

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  • Tue Jul 23 2013

    Dead and Gone

    What is a good product to use for drywood termites when treating exposed wood? I came across a drywood termite situation in my friend’s house. They took out all the eaten wood and put new wood. Their contractor just finished the framing and wants to treat the new wood and previous wood before putting on drywall. What has the longest residual and knock down?
    Submitted by stephen, CA

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  • Mon Jul 22 2013

    You Are Your Own Expert

    As a sole proprietor, I do not have access to laboratories that can test products and supply me with the better results. Subsequently, I have to rely on the advertisements of manufacturers, which, on occasion, do not perform as promised. Where might I get information on what works and what to watch out for?
    Submitted by Dale, WI

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  • Fri Jul 19 2013

    Don’t Let ‘Em Get Away!

    I treated for German roaches in a two story apartment building with a bifenthrin product along with an IGR. I got most of the roaches, but some got away as the infestation was really bad. I’ve never seen that many at any job. Do you have any ideas that will help get rid of the ones that got a way? I planned on using baits next, but it seems that some of the other apartments now have a few m...
    Submitted by Alan, FL

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  • Thu Jul 18 2013

    Where there’s Pee there’s Probably Poo, Too

    Are black lights useful in tracking rodent activity (mice) and does Univar offer these for purchase?
    Submitted by Wayne, AL

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  • Wed Jul 17 2013

    Sometimes a Choice Is Better Than Nothing

    This house had major water damage. Now the house and yard are full of springtails. She has called several companies who've told her they will go away. The damage has been fixed and still lots of springtails. I'm thinking, after a proper ID, of doing a yard, subarea and inside treatment. Any ideas will help.
    Submitted by doug, CA

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  • Tue Jul 16 2013

    Death by DE

    How effective is diatomaceous earth in ridding of bed bugs and what is the mortality rate? Also, can it be used with other liquid sprays?
    Submitted by stephen, CA

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  • Mon Jul 15 2013

    Open Door Policy

    I service a grocery store with a house fly problem inside on the sales floor. What can be done to control them?
    Submitted by Steve, CA

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  • Fri Jul 12 2013

    An Uninvited Guest and its Guests

    What is the best solution for getting rid of fleas underneath a house? I’ve treated inside and outside, but underneath seems to be my biggest issue.
    Submitted by mitchell, CA

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  • Thu Jul 11 2013

    Spoiler Alert

    Is there a law or regulation regarding how often rodenticides need to be checked? Can a bimonthly account have rodent service?
    Submitted by Cesar, CA

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  • Wed Jul 10 2013

    Tanks: Application or Storage Equipment?

    How long can I leave diluted bifenthrin in a mix tank before it loses it's effectiveness? I mix 1 oz./gallon in a 100 gallon tank.
    Submitted by Robert, VA

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  • Tue Jul 9 2013

    Wanna Buy What I’m Selling?

    How bad are bug foggers and why are they sold?
    Submitted by edward, CA

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