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  • Tue May 13 2014

    Sack the Sacs

    When treating for black widow spiders, is there anything extra that needs to be done to kill the spiders that are inside the eggs? Will a residual pesticide be enough to kill the emerging spiders? Is there any pesticide that penetrates spider egg sacs? Also, what is the gestation period for black widow spiders?
    Submitted by Joseph, ID

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  • Fri May 9 2014

    Brake for Tortoises

    Can TopChoice be applied to turf that has gopher tortoises?
    Submitted by Barbara, FL

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  • Tue May 6 2014

    Stool Samples

    How do I identify mouse droppings from waterbug (American cockroach) droppings?
    Submitted by richard, NY

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  • Thu May 1 2014

    Red Clover Don’t Come Over

    I have a customer that has a problem with clover mites infesting her house. We treat the house regularly and have tried a variety of products from dusts and granules to several liquid and aerosol products as well. She has no problem with any other pests but these mites do not seem to be controlled by this at all. Some of them are just coming though the weep holes, cracks in her windows and, ...
    Submitted by Travis, UT

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  • Tue Apr 29 2014

    Squirrels with Non-Bushy Tails

    I have a customer with a roof rat infestation that I seemed to have under control, but in the last two months the problem has come back. To give you an idea of what’s going on, the house itself has no heavy vegetation around, just grass. I have sealed up every entry point that I could find. I also have four bait stations around the perimeter that have had no activity. There is heavy activit...
    Submitted by Peter, FL

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  • Fri Apr 25 2014

    Easter Ants

    What is the best course of action for springtime ants? Is there one specific treatment or trial and error?
    Submitted by Greg, NJ

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  • Wed Apr 23 2014

    Down and Out

    What would you recommend to prevent rodents from burrowing down into a crawlspace from the outside? If they have already done so, what is the best way to exclude them? I've heard of using screening in an L shape along the foundation as well as trenching gravel along the perimeter.
    Submitted by Jayce, WA

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  • Mon Apr 21 2014

    Can’t Get Any Greener

    I gave an estimate for indian meal moths at a home. There was pupal webbing, larvae and adults in the kitchen and all of the surrounding rooms, even on the cathedral ceilings. The customer has just completed chemotherapy treatment. I'd like to physically remove all the webbing that I can and then treat with "green" pesticides. I‘m looking for any recommendations about how to approach the si...
    Submitted by Nate, MA

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  • Fri Apr 18 2014

    Time for a Chimney Sweep

    A client has a fly problem. Flies are always in her living room where there’s a gas fireplace. The flies have gotten worse each year. When looking at the chimney from the outside there seems to be black mold on the shaded side or some kind of moisture problem. The chimney is framed and sided, not brick. She did not have a specimen for me as she cleaned the day before. They are house flies...
    Submitted by Jeff, OH

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  • Wed Apr 16 2014

    From Parent to Child

    Do you think a NyGuard IGR treatment to a yard (through handheld or backpack sprayer, not a backpack mister) would be effective at controlling mosquitos? A video from MGK mentions a study that showed a horizontal transfer of pyriproxyfen from adult mosquitos to breeding sites, stopping larvae from emerging. Have you heard of such a thing? Do you think such a product transfer would greatly ha...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Mon Apr 14 2014

    If They Can Take the Heat, Then Spray

    I use heat as a primary method of controlling bed bugs. In some situations, it may be necessary to use a combination of heat, dust and spray. Should I apply dust or spray before or after the heating process? What products would you recommend I use in this combination, keeping in mind the Canadian regulations?
    Submitted by tony, ON

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  • Thu Apr 10 2014

    Dog Eat Rat World

    If a home has dogs and they have a rodent problem and we bait using a rodenticide, what happens if the rodents die from the rodenticide and the dogs eat the dead rodents? Will the dogs be affected? Will the dogs die?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Apr 7 2014

    Spotting a Spot

    What is a spot application?
    Submitted by CLARK, CT

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  • Fri Apr 4 2014

    Hard Wall

    Can mice gnaw through concrete if trapped inside a wall void?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Tue Apr 1 2014

    What the Duff?

    Do you have any information on duff millipedes? Do any products have duff millipedes on the label?
    Submitted by Dwayne, CO

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  • Fri Mar 28 2014

    Buggy Buggies

    What diseases do roaches carry?
    Submitted by CHRISTOPHER, CA

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  • Mon Mar 24 2014

    I’ll Be Back

    How long after an initial bed bug treatment should the retreatment be scheduled?
    Submitted by robert, TX

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  • Thu Mar 20 2014

    You Can Bait for Those?

    A new customer has asked me about wasps that dive bomb their pool and make swimming difficult. The wasps are from a large open field next door that has no access. Can anything be done to divert the wasps away from the pool area?
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Fri Mar 14 2014


    It has always been my understanding that exterior rodent stations must be removed and returned to our office when we are no longer servicing an account. Now I have a customer that wants to keep them even though they have closed the account. I can't find anything on the label. Is there a law or regulation I can refer to? .
    Submitted by Dennis, CA

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  • Thu Mar 6 2014

    Holey Cloth

    A customer has clothing (mostly wool or cotton sweaters) with holes as if being eaten. No moths or larvae have been found but the problem remains. We have checked the clothing, treated cracks and crevice, dusted wall voids, fogged the room and have gone back in with pheromone traps to no avail. Any ideas?
    Submitted by Wayne, CA

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