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  • Wed Apr 17 2013

    Got Silk?

    My customer has plaster bagworms inside. This home is spotless. No spider webs, no dust or any organic debris inside. They are found in two bathrooms which are back to back, in the kitchen and in the master bedroom. Almost 90% are found close to the baseboard in the above mentioned areas. There is no evidence on the exterior, on the soffits or overhangs. Also, this home was completely de-w...
    Submitted by Clement, FL

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  • Tue Apr 16 2013

    Only the Queen Survives

    During what season are wasps most active? Is it spring, summer or fall?
    Submitted by daniel, CA

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  • Mon Apr 15 2013

    If Your Front Yard is a Giant Sandpit, These Bees Will Dig It!

    I went to a customer’s house today and there are thousands of tiny "bee-like" insects flying around the sand. The whole front yard is just a giant sandpit with no landscaping whatsoever. These bee-like insects actually go into the sand through tiny holes that they make. They seem to fly in and out of the holes. I am out in the desert and, other than sand flies – which these are not – I have...
    Submitted by Darryl, CA

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  • Sun Apr 14 2013

    Keep Your Rodent Bait To Yourself

    Another pest control company's technician has put a different rodent bait in my labeled bait station. Could I be held in violation and, if so, who can I contact to have the company put a stop to this practice?
    Submitted by james, NY

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  • Sat Apr 13 2013

    Off To A Good Start

    I am new at the business and in a semi-small town. Any advice on getting customers? Advertising? Or do you think pounding on doors is better?
    Submitted by Clayton, NM

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  • Fri Apr 12 2013

    Termites Are a Treat for Ants. Wood? Not So Much.

    I have been seeing ants in termite monitors a lot. These are not carpenter ants. Do ants eat cellulose? I know carpenter ants will. What about others?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Thu Apr 11 2013

    Motivate Your Customer with Maggots

    I service a bagel store in NYC with a bad fruit fly problem and possibly some phorid flies. I have pointed out some possible infestation sites, but remediation would be difficult and expensive. So I would like to be sure. Should I be able to find larvae and/or pupae at these sites? If so, my suggestions would be taken much more seriously.
    Submitted by Richard, NY

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  • Wed Apr 10 2013

    Staring at the Wall Doesn’t Mean You’re Crazy

    What would be the best and most effective way to treat ants in a kitchen when the nest can’t be located?
    Submitted by Michael, OH

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  • Tue Apr 9 2013

    Bed Bug Treatments: Kind of Like Whac-A-Mole.

    I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. Big problem with bed bugs. They say that the strain of bugs we have here are resistant to chemicals. I'm dealing with an apartment building where a tenant did not tell the owner about the bugs until it was too late. The owner unknowingly had the tenant and all the other tenants spray alcohol. Now my problem is that we are finding a few bugs all over – one or two ...
    Submitted by Richard, OH

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  • Mon Apr 8 2013

    An Interesting Flavor of M&Ms

    I have a customer that has candy vending machines. He is having a problem with peanut M&Ms. First a worm comes out of the candy, then it turns into a moth. How do we treat the machines since it is food based and I can't use any pesticides? Do I tell him to dispose of the candy?
    Submitted by Cynthia, FL

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  • Sun Apr 7 2013

    Broadcast News About Rodenticide Baits

    What exactly are the laws about using bait stations, particularly in certain areas of a restaurant like the basement? Are stations needed? No children, no pets. Where do you have to put bait in housing? Thanks.
    Submitted by Bernard, PA

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  • Sat Apr 6 2013

    School Is In On Insecticide Classes

    Hey! Here are a couple of different questions. This might sound remedial, but are certain pests more susceptible to different chemicals? For example, are carpenter ants (or even ants in general) more susceptible to Suspend SC (deltamethrin) than Talstar (bifenthrin)? Are ants more susceptible to Suspend SC more than roaches are? Suspend Polyzone is a micro-encapsulated product, right? Is S...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Fri Apr 5 2013

    Traps Are Your Best Friend.

    I'm having a problem controlling mice in a drug store that I service. I've used glue boards and baits (pellets and blocks) and still can't seem to control the problem. The store is in a strip shopping center with a Wings To Go, a bakery and Asian restaurants as neighbors. Any help would be appreciated.
    Submitted by robrt, PA

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  • Thu Apr 4 2013

    German cockroaches take up residence in residences.

    What works best to kill German cockroaches in a residence?
    Submitted by DANA, KS

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  • Wed Apr 3 2013

    Cicadas Are Driving Me Crazy!

    With the 17 year cicada swarms getting close, is there any pre-treatment or control spraying that is recommended that I can offer my customers?
    Submitted by christopher, MD

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  • Tue Apr 2 2013

    Too Many Legs to Manage?

    What is the best product to use for Millipede control? It seems all of a sudden we are being invaded with millipedes in far greater numbers than the past year. I have not found a product that provides high effectiveness for millipedes. Is Talstar an effective product for use inside and around the perimeter?
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Mon Apr 1 2013

    The Macho Males

    After treating a wooden deck for female carpenter bees that were in the wood, the male carpenter bees returned and began a frenzy of activity. The question is what happens to the males if all the females are dead?
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Sat Mar 30 2013

    Keeping the Carpet Beetles Away

    I have a new customer who needs to know if there is any simple, safe preventive for clothes moths/carpet beetles. She claims to have had them in the past, but as a new customer to me I don't know the history.
    Submitted by Ron, GA

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  • Mon Mar 25 2013

    Homemade Rodent Stations

    Please explain using PVC pipes and placing rodenticides in them. Is this method effective?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Sat Mar 23 2013

    First It's One Thing, Then Another

    Can I use the same B&G hand sprayer for Termidor where I previously used Demand CS, or is it advisable to use a different sprayer?
    Submitted by Luis, FL

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