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  • Mon Oct 7 2013

    A Responsibility to Find Out

    A potential customer calls and I visit her home for possibe bed bug activity. When I establish by visual inspection that a child's room has a severe bed bug infestation, am I legally required to report same?
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Fri Oct 4 2013

    Do Not Apply While Showering

    I was wondering if you could clarify the “Directions for Use” section of the new pyrethroid labels. It states, "Do not make applications during rain." Is this a blanket statement applying to all labeled uses of the product? For example, does this mean you cannot treat inside a building when it is raining outside?
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Thu Oct 3 2013

    Innovative Pest Management

    What is your opinion on built-in pest control systems installed in perimeter walls? I've been looking at this system being installed here in Las Vegas. It seems to me that they are saturating the insulation and the wood studs with insecticide. Not to mention, here in Las Vegas, we just don't have that many insects actually living in the walls. Our control efforts should be directed to the o...
    Submitted by greg, NV

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  • Wed Oct 2 2013

    Performance Enhancing Substances

    Do pyrethrums and pyrethrins fall under the new pyrethroid laws? The reason why I ask is because the label for the product Microcare does not say anything about the new regulations like, for example, Talstar P does.
    Submitted by randall, CA

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  • Tue Oct 1 2013

    Try Something Different, and Not Just a Pesticide

    I was wondering what the best chemicals are for controlling scorpions. I have been using Demand CS for the interior and Permethrin SFR for the exterior. I do have pretty good results but not good enough for some clients.
    Submitted by Dennis, AZ

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  • Mon Sep 30 2013

    Don’t Do a Darn Thing

    I have a customer with a beautiful and thriving koi pond near their back patio. Each day, the pond is visited by hundreds of honey bees collecting water at the pond's edge. The bees are non-threatening and nobody has been stung yet. But, as a result of all the bees, they cannot enjoy their pond or their back yard. I have attempted to track the bees as they leave the pond, but they seem to v...
    Submitted by Andrew, AZ

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  • Fri Sep 27 2013

    Polyester Pant Suits Are Safe

    We have recently found an infestation of carpet beetles in a house without any carpet. What makes it even more strange is the beetles were found behind a refrigerator inside an electric outlet. What could be the cause of this and what is the best method of control? Should we be looking for an infestation in any other areas of the home?
    Submitted by Kevin, GA

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  • Thu Sep 26 2013

    Put Your Clothes Away!

    I am treating a customer's home for fleas. She has several pets, including cats and dogs. The house is fairly tidy, but there are piles of clothes lying about in some areas of the house. Aside from treating the animals for fleas, what are some other things the customer can do to assist me in ridding her home of the fleas? Specifically, what should she do with those piles of clothes?
    Submitted by Jake, WA

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  • Wed Sep 25 2013

    A Heated Dust Up

    What are all the dust products used to elimate bed bugs? What is the mortality rate and date range of elimination? What is your suggestion for treating bed bugs located behind paneling and insulation? We are noticing that bed bugs are beginning to hide behind paneling and even behind insulation, making heat treatments not as effective. What is the best solution?
    Submitted by Becky, AL

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  • Tue Sep 24 2013

    Inconsiderate Maybe, but Not Illegal

    What are the legal implications of using more than one bait, consequently more than one active ingredient (ex. bromadiolone and brodifacoum), inside one bait station?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon Sep 23 2013

    Formulations Make a Difference

    What does rain do to bifenthrin after it has been applied and has dried?
    Submitted by Granvel, AZ

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  • Fri Sep 20 2013

    Dust Can Beat Water

    Upon inspecting a school cafeteria, I located a major infestation of American roaches down one floor drain, but they were using adjoining lines to other floor drains as a highway. There was plenty of food build up in the drains and we cleaned out what we had access to. I felt they needed some type of chemical treatment besides drain cleaner. Due to the location and that the floor is washed o...
    Submitted by stan, AL

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  • Thu Sep 19 2013

    LEED Away from Lights

    Spiders have attached themselves to the exterior of a newly constructed 18 story office building. The building is on a lakefront with a nearby river. The building is LEED Silver. The exterior facade is granite, steel, and glass with lots of edges, corners, gaps and voids. The spiders are feeding on the insects that are attracted to the lights that are on the exterior and the lights that are...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Wed Sep 18 2013

    In the Trenches

    I am having a debate with a coworker regarding the language on the Termidor label. Although we do fill our trenches after applying the product for termite work, I made the argument that the label suggests this "should" be done, rather than making it a required practice where they "must" be filled in. What are your thoughts?
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Tue Sep 17 2013

    Forked Tails

    I have a 157-foot yacht with 12 staterooms, each of which has its own air handling system in the headliner. I have collected two different bugs that appear to be coming from the AC. One is a fungus beetle and the other, I believe, is the order Protura. Have you ever known these insects to live in a moist area (each unit has a drip pan which hasn't been cleaned in years) or will they only liv...
    Submitted by Michele, RI

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  • Mon Sep 16 2013

    Not a Beatles Fan

    What is the best way to control Japanese beetle larva in a residential lawn?
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Fri Sep 13 2013

    A Peacock of a Problem

    I have a customer that has peacocks all around his property and also a fire ant problem. His birds don't have cages or an enclosure to place them in while we do a treatment. Is there a bait I can use that would not be harmful to these birds?
    Submitted by Rico, FL

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  • Thu Sep 12 2013

    Ants Aren't Agoraphobic

    What is the best product for ants inside the home?
    Submitted by Louis, FL

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  • Wed Sep 11 2013

    Throwing Shade

    What would be the best outdoor treatment for cat fleas at an apartment complex? Not having control of human or pet traffic is my biggest issue.
    Submitted by Joshua, IN

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  • Tue Sep 10 2013

    It's Not in Their Nature

    Does Avert cuase American roaches to flush out of hiding places?
    Submitted by David, CA

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