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  • Wed Jun 12 2013

    Water, Water Everywhere

    Garden millipedes are taking over an entire apartment complex. What is the best type of service? I have sprayed with Permethrin SFR and used Talstar granules, but results seem slow and the property is getting impatient.
    Submitted by Michael, FL

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  • Tue Jun 11 2013

    Mighty Mites 2

    In a past post, you say not to offer pest control for scabies mites...and then say to put out monitors to identify what's there. So, if scabies mites have been identified, would pest service help diminish the mite population while the customer was working on other sanitation to eliminate the threat?
    Submitted by Ray, OK

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  • Mon Jun 10 2013

    Tracking Lyctines Back in Time

    I have a customer that recently purchased new cabinets from a big-box home improvement store to install in his kitchen. Now powderpost beetles are emerging from the bottom of the drawers. They have been duly identified as Lyctine beetles. The bottom is composed of hardwood plywood veneer. They are only emerging from one drawer, but there are 20+ holes and beetles. Where would these have be...
    Submitted by Tim, WA

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  • Fri Jun 7 2013

    Mighty Mites

    Can mites bite a human and what treatment do you recommend to get rid of them in a home? I do not know the source of the mites.
    Submitted by Regina, FL

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  • Thu Jun 6 2013

    What’s Kissing You?

    What’s the most effective product for treatment of kissing bugs?
    Submitted by Jerry, AZ

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  • Wed Jun 5 2013

    Smoking Pests

    What can you tell me about pest management in cigarette factories?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Tue Jun 4 2013

    Spend Your Money on Me

    I recently took over an account with a severe mouse infestation. It is a multi-unit apartment complex composed of rows of between four and six units. The buildings all have common basements that are primarily dirt crawl spaces. We have inspected the exteriors and sealed whatever openings in the foundations and siding we could find. When we are in the basements we notice what appear to be ro...
    Submitted by Jack, MA

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  • Mon Jun 3 2013

    Knock on Metal

    I have a customer that is having an issue with woodpeckers pecking and damaging her wood columns. My thought was to treat the columns for whatever the woodpecker is going after in there, but they are already finished with a sealer. What would be the best mode of action in this situation?
    Submitted by Clayton, NM

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  • Fri May 31 2013

    Become a Behaviorist

    I am starting to do a lot of exterior treatments. What is a good insecticide to use for mostly ants and spiders? Also, what are some good tips for me? I recently started working for the pest division of a company. I’d appreciate any advice.
    Submitted by mitchell, CA

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  • Thu May 30 2013

    Keeping the Wolves at Bay

    What is the best way to treat for wolf spiders?
    Submitted by Frank, CA

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  • Wed May 29 2013

    Just Stating the Obvious

    Is there any professionally written documentation that we can hand to our customers regarding German roaches in the home? Too many times, I or my employees find it difficult to explain to customers the things they need to do to help us get rid of their German roach problem without insulting their living habits. Perhaps helpful tips, cleaning measures, etc. Please let us know as this is somet...
    Submitted by Emil, FL

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  • Tue May 28 2013

    Swap Modes of Action to Help Beat Resistance

    I have a small pest control company in Miami, Florida and I am wondering if there is particular way we choose insecticides throughout the year. It is obvious that, if we have an American Roach problem, we use an appropriate product to resolve the issue. However, when performing maintenance and there are no current issues, what products should we use? I know that the bigger companies have som...
    Submitted by Emil, FL

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  • Fri May 24 2013

    Break the Cycle

    I have a house that has found four bed bugs. I have treated furniture and baseboards with liquid and dust. When they find a bed bug, it's always crawling on a wall or in an out of the way spot. They go to a church where I found bed bugs. I’ve only found one bed bug and no cast skins or spots in the usual locations. They always find them after they are at the church. I think they are bring...
    Submitted by Mike, OH

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  • Thu May 23 2013

    One More Category Not Too Many

    In Florida, is it a violation for a General Household Pest (structural) operator to treat an exterior perimeter when providing an interior service at a particular location or just a plain exterior perimeter service at any location? Do you need to be certified in Lawn & Ornamental to provide such service?
    Submitted by Mark, FL

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  • Wed May 22 2013

    The Business of Killing Bees

    Two days ago, I got a call from a cemetery for ground bees. When I went to check it out, I found that the bees were in four different locations. The only way that I could take care of such a large section of ground bees was to use a power sprayer. I don't know if this is permissible. I told them to wait and that I would get back to them. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem wit...
    Submitted by Anthony, NY

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  • Tue May 21 2013

    Know Your Target and How Big It Is

    I have a customer that I have been servicing for two years. She originally started the service because of an ant problem that she was having in her house. Specifically, she was having an issue with flying ants. I have treated inside her house with Phantom and Optiguard Flex, and use Delta Dust in her wall voids in the one wall where the ants emerge. Sometimes the ants are gone for a couple ...
    Submitted by Jed, NM

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  • Mon May 20 2013

    Lamp Shades Are Good Eatin’

    What kind of bug would be eating a lamp shade? I have a bug that looks like a very small beetle.
    Submitted by KIMBERLY, AZ

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  • Fri May 17 2013

    Resistance Isn't Futile

    How can it be explained that bed bugs have had mutations in their genetic code that allow them to survive chemical pesticides and produce more chemically resistant offspring?
    Submitted by robbie, SC

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  • Thu May 16 2013

    Do You Find Me Repellent?

    Do pyrethroids repel bugs away? I have heard that, in some cases, ants will go around a treatment, sensing its residue. Is it possible for pyrethroids to serve as a repellent and not be actively killing bugs because they sense it there? I know active ingredients and dilution rates are factors that may play a role, but, in general terms, is the residual kind of like the repelling method that ...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Wed May 15 2013

    Less May Be More (or More May Be Less)

    Do you have suggestions on a low cost non-repellent product we can use to power spray perimeter treatments?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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