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  • Mon Apr 14 2014

    If They Can Take the Heat, Then Spray

    I use heat as a primary method of controlling bed bugs. In some situations, it may be necessary to use a combination of heat, dust and spray. Should I apply dust or spray before or after the heating process? What products would you recommend I use in this combination, keeping in mind the Canadian regulations?
    Submitted by tony, ON

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  • Thu Apr 10 2014

    Dog Eat Rat World

    If a home has dogs and they have a rodent problem and we bait using a rodenticide, what happens if the rodents die from the rodenticide and the dogs eat the dead rodents? Will the dogs be affected? Will the dogs die?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Apr 7 2014

    Spotting a Spot

    What is a spot application?
    Submitted by CLARK, CT

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  • Fri Apr 4 2014

    Hard Wall

    Can mice gnaw through concrete if trapped inside a wall void?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Tue Apr 1 2014

    What the Duff?

    Do you have any information on duff millipedes? Do any products have duff millipedes on the label?
    Submitted by Dwayne, CO

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  • Fri Mar 28 2014

    Buggy Buggies

    What diseases do roaches carry?
    Submitted by CHRISTOPHER, CA

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  • Mon Mar 24 2014

    I’ll Be Back

    How long after an initial bed bug treatment should the retreatment be scheduled?
    Submitted by robert, TX

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  • Thu Mar 20 2014

    You Can Bait for Those?

    A new customer has asked me about wasps that dive bomb their pool and make swimming difficult. The wasps are from a large open field next door that has no access. Can anything be done to divert the wasps away from the pool area?
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Fri Mar 14 2014


    It has always been my understanding that exterior rodent stations must be removed and returned to our office when we are no longer servicing an account. Now I have a customer that wants to keep them even though they have closed the account. I can't find anything on the label. Is there a law or regulation I can refer to? .
    Submitted by Dennis, CA

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  • Thu Mar 6 2014

    Holey Cloth

    A customer has clothing (mostly wool or cotton sweaters) with holes as if being eaten. No moths or larvae have been found but the problem remains. We have checked the clothing, treated cracks and crevice, dusted wall voids, fogged the room and have gone back in with pheromone traps to no avail. Any ideas?
    Submitted by Wayne, CA

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  • Mon Mar 3 2014

    A Hornet by Any Other Name

    How come hornets are not called hornets? In east Texas, a yellow jacket is a small yellow paper wasp. A hornet lives in large paper nests that can be anywhere. When I try to find pictures, I can’t find them on Univar's website.
    Submitted by lynn, TX

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  • Thu Feb 27 2014

    Up a Tree

    A customer has 10-15 year old trees and something is crawling up them 15 feet in the air and eating the young bark. Any idea what kind of critter could be doing this?
    Submitted by Timothy, NV

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  • Thu Feb 20 2014

    Seven-Year Itch

    What is used and how to treat scabies?
    Submitted by Marco A, CA

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  • Mon Feb 17 2014

    Spreadable Buggers

    Will the use of repellent products cause bed bugs to disperse further from the treatment area and spread an infestation to untreated locations? Would sealing accessible cracks and crevices in an infested area make bed bugs spread to harder to reach harborage areas?
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Thu Feb 13 2014

    Doctor of pH

    I have read that the pH of water when mixing concentrates is important, but have yet to see measuring pH practiced. Am I overlooking an opportunity to increase a product's efficacy by not applying this knowledge?
    Submitted by Patrick, TX

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  • Mon Feb 10 2014

    Termites in Tree Houses

    I live in the Caribbean and we have termites in most of the trees. What kind of termites are these? Some believe that these termites in the trees do not come from the soil. Is this true?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Thu Feb 6 2014

    Bugs in Tough Places

    I’ve been treating a lot of apartments for bed bugs and have noticed that, in some units, the bed bugs appear to be coming out of the vents from the air conditioning unit. Any ideas how that area should be treated? Also, what is the best method for treating a crib for bed bugs? I am using Temprid in an Actisol machine and getting amazing results. I’m just a little wary of treating a crib as...
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Mon Feb 3 2014

    Toilet Trained

    One of our clients has become very good at catching and putting down raccoons – 21 to be specific in the last 12 months. The issue started as a few raccoons using his pool for water and the roof of the upstairs balcony to defecate. Now he is confident that the original raccoons are gone, but every week or two, raccoons invade the pool and defecate on the balcony roof in the same area. His ba...
    Submitted by John, CA

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  • Thu Jan 30 2014

    Full Steam Ahead

    Do you have any recommendations on steam equipment products for treating bed bugs? Also, is it necessary to buy a commercial type steamer and pay big bucks versus a non-commercial steamer?
    Submitted by steve, CA

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  • Mon Jan 27 2014

    Control Within Reach

    I have bees entering a church were the two eaves of the roof meet. The access point were the bees are entering is really narrow and about three feet from my reach. I have tried looking in the adjacent attic and there are no signs of bees. Is there some way to reach them when the area is so inaccessible?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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