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  • Wed Jul 10 2013

    Tanks: Application or Storage Equipment?

    How long can I leave diluted bifenthrin in a mix tank before it loses it's effectiveness? I mix 1 oz./gallon in a 100 gallon tank.
    Submitted by Robert, VA

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  • Tue Jul 9 2013

    Wanna Buy What I’m Selling?

    How bad are bug foggers and why are they sold?
    Submitted by edward, CA

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  • Mon Jul 8 2013

    IMMs Love ILTs

    Which product is best to treat Indianmeal moths inside a home?
    Submitted by GIOVANNY, CA

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  • Fri Jul 5 2013

    L’eau de Cimex

    We use canine inspections to check our bedbug work. Currently, we are re-inspecting anywhere between four hours and two weeks after treatment to do this. We have had canines hit on a couch four hours after a thorough heat, which may mean that the treatment was not 100% successful. However, I understand that the live scent may remain for hours after a kill. In your opinion, how long after a t...
    Submitted by Cheryle, CA

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  • Wed Jul 3 2013

    Don’t Treat What You Can’t See

    I was at a home where the customer believes he has bird mites. I couldn’t find anything and I’ve never treated for these before. What are some good products and ways to treat for bird mites?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Tue Jul 2 2013

    Flies in Dairyland

    I have a customer that lives in dairy country. Every year, they have thousands of flies that land on their house siding, presumably for the heat. Residual fly barf/poop dots their external siding, windows and doors. Many flies get inside, but the customers has taken measures to exclude them. They want me to prevent them from landing on their siding or at least kill or trap them once they do...
    Submitted by Tim, WA

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  • Mon Jul 1 2013

    Clean Me!

    What do you suggest when it comes to cleaning B&Gs and Birchmeier backpacks? Soap and water, triple rinse or bleach? For example, I’ve triple rinsed a B&G that had Termidor in it and I now need to use Suspend SC.
    Submitted by Danny, NV

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  • Fri Jun 28 2013

    How to Put Cane Toads to Sleep

    I have been having problems with toads. They are killing customer’s dogs, especially puppies. We have heard about using moth balls in the garden, but they are not really effective. Are there any chemicals that we can use?
    Submitted by Gijs

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  • Thu Jun 27 2013

    Shimmy in Your Darkest Bathing Suit

    What is the best method to rid a pool area of biting horse flies?
    Submitted by Rusty, AR

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  • Wed Jun 26 2013

    2-4-1 on Ground Bees and Wasps

    I have a customer with ground wasps. Their nests are around one side of the house. They seem to be spreading fast. I was gonna power spray it, but what product do you recommend for them? I have a customer with ground bees. There were so many holes, so I sprayed the holes with my rig. I came back a couple days later and there were new holes. I treated the new holes with tempo dust. Any...
    Submitted by Todd, NJ

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  • Tue Jun 25 2013

    It Matters Where You Weigh Your Cans

    We are experiencing audit issues concerning inventory of our chemicals. What is the best way to track the amount of chemical used or left in a can? We have discussed weighing cans each morning and then again at the end of day for more accuracy. Just wondering how others deal with this. Our days of estimating are over in the food processing facilities.
    Submitted by marygrace, NC

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  • Mon Jun 24 2013

    Worry About the Pee, Too, Not Just the Poo

    What are the problems a person could have as a result of exposure to roof rat droppings in attics and substructure areas?
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Fri Jun 21 2013

    Office Fun Guys

    What is the best way to treat for gnats in the interior of a medical office?
    Submitted by Kenneth, CA

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  • Thu Jun 20 2013

    IPM – I’m Pretty Misunderstood

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) seems to be getting harder and harder to convince people to use, even with the new generation of students coming through our institutions of higher learning. After explaining what IPM is and how it benefits all, an increasing number of naysayers only want you to kill their problem at any cost, such as the bees foraging outside windows and doorways when there is...
    Submitted by Gene, MI

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  • Wed Jun 19 2013

    On the List

    Where can I find a list of the non-repellent insecticides, specifically for German roaches? Does mixing a non-repellent with an insect growth regulator (IGR) make it repellent?
    Submitted by Octavio, FL

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  • Tue Jun 18 2013

    Eyeballs and a Flashlight

    I have a restaurant that has fruit flies. I've been in at night, used Invade in the drains and scrubbed them. I have used Gentrol and Suspend SC, a dust in walls that I couldn't treat, and have covered everything and fogged. They will be knocked back and then they always seem to come back. Not sure what I am missing. I thought breaking the hatch would help and I feel I've done that. There...
    Submitted by Mike, OH

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  • Mon Jun 17 2013

    It's Not the Fumes

    A customer’s question was "Why, after an area is treated with a residual insecticide, do they still see German cockroaches present?”. Bear in mind that the area which was treated was underneath a stove that was dirty. The customer believes that German cockroaches die from the fumes of the residual insecticide. Is this true?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Jun 14 2013

    Sawtooth’s In The Name, But They Don’t Eat Wood

    My customer has a sawtoothed grain beetle infestation upstairs in his two story house. There is no food stored upstairs. He has three bedrooms, two baths and hardwood floors that he installed in August 2012. Could they be coming from there?
    Submitted by Vince, CA

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  • Thu Jun 13 2013

    Plant Piercing Suckers

    I have customers calling me to help them be rid of their spider mites and milkweed aphids. What should I use for prevention and/or control of both these insects?
    Submitted by Rick, CA

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  • Wed Jun 12 2013

    Water, Water Everywhere

    Garden millipedes are taking over an entire apartment complex. What is the best type of service? I have sprayed with Permethrin SFR and used Talstar granules, but results seem slow and the property is getting impatient.
    Submitted by Michael, FL

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