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Saturday June 19, 2010


Mr Pest Control


I have a question about mosquitoes. The town I live in is considering having the entire town sprayed at once. Can you tell me the pros and cons of this, such as health issues, etc.? I am also looking for an alternative treatment to accomplish their goal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mr Pest Control


Well, this gives me a chance to discuss mosquito management a bit. Let's begin with some of the positives about reducing populations of mosquitoes. These blood feeding insects are serious public health threats, and until West Nile Virus came along in the U.S. most people in this country couldn't tell you the names of any of the diseases mosquitoes vector, even though around the world today Malaria alone kills 2 to 3 million people each year. It's amazing how attitudes change when it's your own family getting sick from a mosquito-borne disease, and suddenly aerial spraying and street fogging were acceptable. WNV occurs throughout the U.S., so no region can say it could not possibly happen, and with our lawsuit-happy society in the U.S. the inevitable has already happened. People have sued public agencies because they contracted WNV, and blamed that agency for NOT having prevented it from happening by eliminating the mosquitoes. And, of course, those same public agencies get sued... Read more

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