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Sunday March 3, 2013


Mr Pest Control


Pest Control Technicians are required to follow the "new" pyrethroid labeling. But, what percentage of insecticide is sold to "non" PCO's where the label directions are not actively enforced. My best guess is that more pesticides are applied by non-PMP's and I do not expect "new" labeling to reduce the level of active ingredients various agencies are concerned with, which in turn may bring more restrictions. To turn this into a question, can we expect the new pyrethoid labeling to be effective in achieving the results that are hoped for?

Richard, TX

Mr Pest Control


Clearly the issue of Synthetic Pyrethroids and the new labeling that went on in 2012, and which will be relaxed a bit in 2013, is an important one. Hopefully everyone is beginning to feel comfortable with what is permitted and what has been restricted, but any questions can be answered with the resources on this issue on PestWeb. 

Now to your thoughts and your question, and obviously this is calling for my opinion, and I need to be careful to word that opinion in a manner that doesn't create some backlash I'd rather avoid. I will agree with you that some "studies" have determined that the homeowner-use of insecticides may outweigh in total volume the amount used by professionals in pest management. Whether that is accurate or not, bottom line is that a LOT of insecticide is sold over the counter in retail outlets to unlicensed, untrained people, and the people who work in big box stores where most of that insecticide is sold likely have little to no knowledge of the materials either, so ... Read more

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