Wasps Over Water

Friday August 24, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have a client who has a well head infested with Polistes dominulus wasps. The nest was exposed when I removed the metal cover and it is sitting on the wiring at the top of the tube. Any pesticides used here would likely drip down into the water supply 20 feet below. Any suggestions on how to treat this and with what product? Dusts and liquid sprays seem dangerous and I don't want to get sued for a well contamination claim.

Dale, OH

Mr Pest Control


Since you are able to carefully remove the cover and expose the nest I see two options. Both would require that you be wearing the appropriate protective clothing of "bee" hood,  bee gloves, bee suit or some other thick clothing that prohibits the wasps from getting under it and to your skin. Regardless of whether you treat the nest chemically or non-chemically, getting that close to a nest of stinging wasps calls for protecting yourself. 

Polistes dominulus is the European Paper Wasp, and these imported problems really like making their nests in just such a location - small cavities. We find them i... Read more

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