Down (In) The Drain

Monday October 22, 2012


Mr Pest Control


How do you effectively control drain flies?

Mr Pest Control


Drain flies are one of our annoying "small" flies, and like so much of fly management it is necessary to find the source. The good news is that you are not yet dealing with Phorid flies, as these little things are even more annoying and have many more possible breeding sources that may be within a structure. Drain flies will normally refer to little flies in the family Psychodidae, and they also are called moth flies because they resemble tiny gray moths with their wings and body covered with gray scales. The common kinds found indoors are in the genus Psychoda, and they may be found flying around toilets in restrooms or wet areas in other parts of the structure. When they land they rest with the wings held flat over the abdomen in what... Read more

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