Eight Legs? Gotta Go.

Sunday October 28, 2012


Mr Pest Control


How to kill spiders?

Mr Pest Control


I am a bug lover, and I recognize that most of the 6 and 8 legged critters that hang out around our homes and gardens are beneficial to the landscape. We don't necessarily want them running across the bedroom wall when we are about to turn off the light at night, and don't want them on the kitchen counters, but if most of them will just stay outside and do their thing we really need to leave them alone. It should not be our role in professional pest management to try to kill all living creatures in urban areas. Now, please don't take this as a lecture directed at you Lewayne, because it really isn't. Is just happened to be an opportunity to hop up on my soap box. There are plenty of times when killing spiders is called for, but other times when we should leave them alone and enjoy their antics or the benefits they bring us. They are, after all, all predators that feed on other bugs. 

So, hunting spiders like jumping spiders, wolf spiders, funnel weavers, and ground spiders, if they a... Read more

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