Bop The Bee?

Wednesday August 29, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I'm having a problem with sand bees in a play pen. I have tried different products to get rid of them but nothing works. I even advised the customer to change all the sand in the play pen and that didn't even work. There are dozens of bee holes in the sand and his grand kids can not use the sand box. Is there any product that I can use that will get rid of the bees and be safe for the kids? Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated by the family. Thank you

Mr Pest Control


This situation presents several interesting problems that I intend to ramble on about endlessly. First is the issue of "treating" sand boxes with any kind of insecticide. This is generally a very touchy thing to do, even if the reality is that many insecticide choices would not pose any risk to the children who play there. The second reality is that the parents of these children might firmly believe that some future health problem of those children is tied to their exposure to what you applied, so if at all possible it is a better idea to avoid applying any kinds of pesticides directly to the places where children spend this much time. If something is required discuss it with the client and ... Read more

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