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  • Mon Mar 27 2017

    Enough to Kill a Horse?

    Can Answer® Kills Gophers by JT Eaton be applied to a dormant pasture? How much does a horse need to ingest before it is deadly?
    Submitted by dwayne, NM

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  • Tue Mar 21 2017

    Inspection is Hunting

    We are currently servicing a commercial kitchen and the German cockroaches there seem to be getting worse. Our approach so far has been to use a non-repellent spray along with cockroach bait that includes an IGR. We have had success with this in the past but it isn't working in this account. The customer is having the kitchen cleaned often, but they have on occasion used repellent products...
    Submitted by Dan, TX

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  • Wed Mar 8 2017

    Catching Mouse-dini

    I have a situation where a mouse has been able to escape my glue traps and avoid activating my snap traps. What alternate methods can I use?
    Submitted by Claudio, CA

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