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  • Wed Dec 21 2016

    Not Simply the Best

    What is the absolute best insecticide for German cockroaches in restaurants? We are using an esfenvalerate product and are probably going to switch to a non-repellent product. Is this a good call or are there better products for German cockroaches? We also bait with cockroach gel.
    Submitted by DONNA, TX

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  • Thu Dec 15 2016

    Stick with the Best

    I have a customer who has pre-finished reclaimed oak flooring that comes in panels like laminate flooring. The floors where installed about two years ago. They are they are seeing small 1/8-inch circular holes in several spots that have little piles of fine dust being pushed out. I'm pretty sure they are being caused by true powderpost beetles. I was able to find and remove one adult beetle...
    Submitted by Travis, WA

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  • Tue Dec 6 2016

    Problem Spreading

    I am dealing with a German roach issue in an apartment complex broken into buildings. The maintenance people seem to think it's okay to leave whole panels out under kitchen and bathroom sinks for access to the plumbing. One building has at least 12 units with roaches. I've tried everything from baiting, dusting, baiting and dusting, to recently hitting all of the penetrations with a knockdow...
    Submitted by Kenton, IN

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  • Tue Nov 29 2016

    Legal Voids

    I have read in many places regarding homes with scorpions that electrical outlet covers should be removed, the outlet dusted and the cover replaced. I don't understand how this is legal. What if the resident, future resident or worker opens a cover to work on the wiring and gets dust all over their hands? How could we not be liable for that?
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Fri Nov 11 2016

    Mysterious Ghosts

    We seem to be having more of an issue with ghost ants lately. Making the best with what is available seems to be a concern. With all the new things available for ants, it seems even more confusing. We have a standard procedure of using sweet baits to eliminate ghost ants but callbacks this year seem to be more. We also use a non-repellent residual on the exterior, one foot up and one foot o...
    Submitted by Emil, FL

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  • Wed Oct 19 2016

    Field Mites

    I have a customer that had a severe field mouse problem. I eliminated the mice, completed a thorough pest proofing of the structure, removed basement insulation where the mice left a lot of droppings, and sanitized the basement sills. The customer is being bitten by house mouse mites. What do you recommend as the best pesticide to help eliminate these mites?
    Submitted by Corey, NY

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  • Mon Oct 3 2016

    Slow & Steady

    How long after a German cockroach treatment with pyrethrins/pyrethroids, PBO and IGRs can we apply bait and place pheromone traps as a follow up treatment?
    Submitted by DONNA, TX

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  • Thu Sep 22 2016

    Before or After?

    When is it legal to apply pesticides for bed bugs?
    Submitted by nate, NY

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  • Mon Sep 12 2016

    Cicada Killer Killer

    What is the best way to get rid of cicada killer wasps in a yard? We have treated the holes and treated the ground where they are located.
    Submitted by Tom, GA

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  • Wed Sep 7 2016

    Going Overboard

    I have a 90-foot boat with either immature American or Oriental cockroaches. We cannot agree on the identification in my office, but feel both species would be living in the bilges versus German cockroaches that would be in the living space. My question is which is better? Applying a residual, IGR and pyrethrum together with our B&G portable aerosol system or spraying where we can reach wit...
    Submitted by Michele, RI

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  • Wed Aug 31 2016

    Finders Killers

    Is there a product with quick knockdown for German cockroaches that can be used in commercial kitchens? I have some clients where the infestation is persistently overwhelming. The other half of my clients where I used the same products have complete elimination. Some of the common denominators are old buildings and aluminum paneling. Sanitation is not too bad, but trying to get the night cl...
    Submitted by Sam, CA

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  • Mon Aug 29 2016

    No Pests, No Problem

    We have a customer who has hired us two different times to remedy rat mites. The first time, one and a half years ago, they canceled after a few months when the lady said she had no more problems. They came back on service two months ago and she is upset that she is (according to her) still being bitten by rat mites. We have never seen actual specimens of rat mites although we caught quite a...
    Submitted by Ronald, AZ

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  • Tue Aug 23 2016

    Rat Season

    When trapping or applying rodenticides in a void that is totally dark, does adding some illumination enhance the process? Will rats find and interact with the traps better if there is some light compared to using only their whiskers and body hairs to explore the dark environment?
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Fri Aug 19 2016

    Appliance Defiance

    How should a PMP deal with the need to move appliances in a home in order to inspect, place traps, close holes, etc.? On one hand, we want to solve our customer's problems causing them the least amount of stress. On the other hand, we don't want to be liable for appliance damage or injuries sustained in the process.
    Submitted by larissa, NJ

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  • Mon Aug 8 2016

    Seal the Deal

    I'm about to start a rather large rat exclusion job. What would you suggest I use? Mallis says 26-gauge sheet metal, but I'm having a hard time finding it in large quantities at a reasonable price.
    Submitted by Richard, NY

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  • Tue Jul 26 2016

    Organic Search Results

    What are considered organic pesticides?
    Submitted by Richard, CA

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  • Mon Jul 18 2016

    It’s Not What but Where

    Is there a fogging product for indoor use that will kill bird mites?
    Submitted by Robbie, CA

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  • Mon Jul 11 2016

    Wascally Wabbit

    I am trying to catch or repel a rabbit for my customer who has an eggplant and zucchini garden. The rabbit is eating the leaves overnight. I tried baiting a Havahart trap with carrots and lettuce and applying neem oil and bone meal around the garden. Any ideas about what else I can try?
    Submitted by uri, NV

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  • Thu Jul 7 2016

    Party Crashers

    I have a client that is having a backyard party in two days and wants to have the June beetles treated before the party. What product would be best and where should it be applied?
    Submitted by sid, CA

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  • Tue Jun 28 2016

    Oversummering Pests

    What is the best way to manage an infestation of elm seed bugs around the exterior of a house? They are both on the ground and all over the siding.
    Submitted by Geary, OR

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