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  • Mon Dec 16 2013

    Dust and Done

    I have a carpenter ant nest in the roots of a brand new oak tree that has just been planted. I say that because they only come up when the tree is watered. There must be an air pocket down there because they’re not even drowning. I treated the base of the tree and the soil on top with a drench. This happens to be a friend of mine. He just contacted me tonight saying they are crazy now (cra...
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Tue Dec 10 2013

    Mystery Mammal

    Please help. I've been unsuccessful in catching an animal for the last four months. There is a 6"x5" hole dug in under the front of a home obscured by bushes. Previously, I have caught four opossums there. I have since tried various baits including fruits, meats and vegetables. In the last four months, I have filled in the hole of the den only to find it reopened days later. I've inspecte...
    Submitted by Richard, FL

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  • Mon Dec 9 2013

    Could You Crawl in the Crawl?

    I was recently fired from a job and am pretty sure it was because I questioned a few things (mixtures, application rates and methods) that I was pretty sure were not within regulations. My question today is whether or not Premise 75 can be broadcast sprayed for controlling termites. I definitely know for sure it has guidelines for inaccessible areas. But to be broadcast, for example, in a su...
    Submitted by Mullen, CA

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  • Fri Dec 6 2013

    Getting a Mole Removed

    What is a good solution for moles?
    Submitted by Matthew, TN

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  • Thu Dec 5 2013

    Mosquitoes Down Below

    I conducted an inspection for adult mosquitos in a sub-basement of a building. Previous pest companies have not addressed the issue in the past. What type of products should be used to gain control of the mosquitos?
    Submitted by Thomas, FL

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  • Wed Dec 4 2013

    The Right Mites

    I have a situation that I haven’t encountered in 35 years of pest management experience. I have a location that has a mite problem in just one small cooler in a diary. The problem was first noticed about two months ago, around the same time every year when this facility has large numbers of cluster flies. The area with the mite activity is immediately adjacent to a storage area that has a ve...
    Submitted by Mike, ME

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  • Tue Dec 3 2013

    Pray It's a Floor Drain

    I have a client that has a steam room for soil sample testing. It's always damp all over and never dries. The room has lots of American roaches. How can I treat this room and keep it safe for all the workers that come in and out?
    Submitted by Dan, UT

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  • Mon Dec 2 2013

    Mold and Mildew - Two Fun Guys

    What is the safest way to kill mold and mildew?
    Submitted by James, FL

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  • Wed Nov 27 2013

    Mission Possible

    Help needed in an elementary school classroom with a dropped ceiling where a roof rat problem was resolved three months ago. A tropical rat mite (confirmed ID) infestation is now active. Dusting the dropped the ceiling is out of the question for obvious reasons. Any suggestions on treatment would be appreciated.
    Submitted by Douglas, AZ

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  • Tue Nov 26 2013

    Blue Means Go

    Our thought process for the past decade or two has been to mount lights away from the building with the light directed to the spot that needed illumination and/or the type of light used such as high pressure sodium vapor verses mercury vapor. Mercury vapor has since been removed from the market place. Besides high pressure sodium vapor, metal halide and LED are what's on the market today. Ho...
    Submitted by Randy, OH

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  • Fri Nov 22 2013

    Frequent Traveler Miles

    How far does a German cockroach travel from its harborage?
    Submitted by Stacy, AL

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  • Thu Nov 21 2013

    No Flying in the Halls

    I have a problem with either gnats or fruit flies coming from an apartment which we cannot get access to. They are now flying in the halls and surrounding apartments. What can be done as a treatment to rid of them at least in the halls and prevent from traveling to adjacent apartments?
    Submitted by mike, NY

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  • Wed Nov 20 2013

    Sewer Bait

    Which rodenticides can be used to bait sewers?
    Submitted by Linda, ME

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  • Tue Nov 19 2013

    When You See Me, Then You Won’t

    When treating for bed bugs, should the whole house be treated or just the rooms where you find them during inspection?
    Submitted by mike, KY

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  • Mon Nov 18 2013

    Man with a Van

    Is it legal to transport pesticides in the back of a van or station wagon? If so, does it need to be in an airtight box in the back?
    Submitted by Robert, CA

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  • Fri Nov 15 2013

    Yummy Cheese Mites

    Hello again! I sent you and e-mail one year ago about my friend with cheese mites. I was able to treat them with a little cooperation from them for better control at that time. Now it’s a year later and she’s getting them again. What else can I use that will work better for total elimination? They’ve lived there 10 years and have had the cheese mite problem three years today (third year in...
    Submitted by chucky, NY

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  • Thu Nov 14 2013

    Good Question

    Greetings! What is lntegrated Pest Management?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Wed Nov 13 2013

    Dusty Attics

    I’m trying to determine the best scenario for attics. What is the best method of treating these? Should I use a desiccant?
    Submitted by ken, FL

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  • Tue Nov 12 2013

    Do It with You Pest Control

    I saw a customer today and I asked him how his bark scorpion situation is. He told me he has been seeing some in the house and got Cy-Kick several months ago. I've serviced his house with Demon WP and he has been using his Cy-Kick as a "supplement". I did not know this until today and said to him the mixing of these two products could create a cross contamination. Your opinion, please.
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Mon Nov 11 2013

    It’s Not Always Quality – Check Your Quantity

    I have a client that has converted an old barn originally built in 1917 into a residence. Being in an agricultural setting and all the variables that go along with such – like multiple food sources, surrounding plowed fields, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, etc. – it has a major mouse and rat problem. Each time I visit, around 30 Contrac Blox are gone, about 10 a day. The site is approximatel...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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