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  • Tue Jan 31 2012

    Roaches At Sea

    I have some questions about German cockroaches and flies. I service oil platforms once each month for 3-4 days at each site, and an inspection has discovered a lot of roaches and a very low level of sanitation. Due to the kind of site there are very strict rules and procedures in place that we have to adhere to, including treating only at night. We currently are using residual sprays, gel bait,...
    Submitted by nasarudin

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  • Mon Jan 30 2012

    Used To Like It, Now I Don't

    In the past it seemed as though there was one rodent bait that stood above the rest. Now it is avoided despite any other food source around. Do mice build up a dislike for or a taste avoidance to these baits?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sun Jan 29 2012

    Prices and Flexibility

    I want to have a set price for carpenter ant work and sell them over the phone to potential customers. I am just wondering if it is necessary to do an inspection first. I am afraid if I sell them over the phone I might be in violation of some state law. Can you find out?
    Submitted by jerry, AZ

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  • Sat Jan 28 2012

    Share A Drink With A Fly

    If an outdoor bar has an issue with flies is it a good idea to have garbage bins inside the bars?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Jan 27 2012

    Record Keeping

    Are records required to be kept for all applications of pesticide, no matter the pest? How long must records be kept?
    Submitted by Jeff, OH

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  • Thu Jan 26 2012

    Keeping Bait Tasty

    Does tracking powder placed in a rodent bait station affect the rodent's attraction to the Contrac Blox bait? Is there any rodent bait that is effective against slugs and snails to keep them from eating the bait? These slugs and snails are having a field day on my rodent bait placements.
    Submitted by mitchell, CA

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  • Wed Jan 25 2012

    One Tiger's Trash Is Another Dog's Treasure

    We volunteer at a tiger farm. They have a pit with the excess food from the tiger, which flies obviously love. The dogs go into the pit for treats so we would like ideas on how to treat the pit safely without hurting the dogs. Thank you so much.
    Submitted by Denice, TX

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  • Tue Jan 24 2012

    Beetles Above Us

    What would be the best product to use on powder post beetles that are in the living area on the ceiling? The ceiling is tongue and groove boards that look like they were sealed years ago.
    Submitted by Darren, AL

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  • Mon Jan 23 2012

    Using Premise Granules

    I am confused about the proper use of Premise Granules. Is its intended application for a 2-yr perimeter treatment in the same 6" band that I would otherwise apply Termidor (in trench, of course)? Or can I just put it into my Scott's spreader and broadcast it where wood piles, etc. could see potential termite activity? And, how long do I need to water it into the soil to be an effective applica...
    Submitted by Joe, AZ

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  • Sun Jan 22 2012

    Rodenticide Labels And The Law

    Concerning the labels for rodent baits, there is a statement that says you must maintain a steady supply of bait for 10 days. In the realm of service, what does this mean?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sat Jan 21 2012

    Repel For Control?

    I recently had a problem with an evasive rat in one of my accounts. Several follow up visits and nothing but tripped traps!! My Technical Director accompanied me to the account and applied a rodent repellent to the burrow and the tops of the bait stations. I haven't had any issues since. I would really like to try this on mice in my residential accounts and would like your thoughts on how to im...
    Submitted by Judith, MA

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  • Fri Jan 20 2012

    Pests On Ficus

    I've been treating a 12 ft ficus around a condo association with Dominion and Orthene and treated them 3 times more, once a month, with permethrin. Yet they still seem to be coming back. Is there a better chemical or process that will work.
    Submitted by gerard, FL

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  • Thu Jan 19 2012

    Getting To The Problem

    What is the best aerosol product Univar sells for wood borers that are inside antique furniture?
    Submitted by Roger, NM

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  • Wed Jan 18 2012

    Keeping The Bed Bugs Out

    Is there any precedent by landlords to check prospective tenants' bedding & furniture for bed bugs before signing a lease? Or, are there any Pest Control firms offering such pre-rental services?
    Submitted by Jeff, OH

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  • Tue Jan 17 2012

    If You Shape It They Will Come

    A question about rodent bait placement. Most solid baits have ridged edges, and I have heard that these edges should be placed outward in order to make the presentation more appealing to the mice. Why is this?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Mon Jan 16 2012

    Importance of Identification

    I recently found an apartment that had American spider beetles in the bathroom, which the resident mistook as bedbugs. I mistakenly thought it was a flea except for the red, smooth shininess of its abdomen. My questions are where does the beetle come from this time of the year, what is its biology, and is this a blood feeding pest?
    Submitted by james, OH

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  • Sun Jan 15 2012

    As If Once Weren't Enough

    I have read conflicting opinions on pregnant adult female bedbugs and their ability to lay eggs throughout their life when blood meals are available, but after only a single traumatic insemination by an adult male bed bug. Do female adult bed bugs need to be inseminated each time they are ready to feed and lay eggs?
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Sat Jan 14 2012

    Charge For Profit

    How do I charge for a bed bug job? This is the first one I have had to deal with. What do you recommend for chemicals and times of spraying? Thank you.
    Submitted by barb, MO

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  • Fri Jan 13 2012

    Going Tubular

    My company will begin servicing a bird area of a local zoo for rodent control. Because of the large amount of current mouse activity as well as food competition, I don't want to use bait. My idea is to use 2" diameter pieces of PVC tubing cut 12" long, and put a tin cat glue board in it. What is your opinion on this idea?
    Submitted by Tim, IA

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  • Thu Jan 12 2012

    Lingering Roaches

    A customer has German roaches, primarily in their kitchen by a dishwasher area. The house is REALLY nice and they are very clean in terms of food waste. I am surprised the roaches have somehow been there for months or longer to some degree. On my initial visit I focused more on gel bait application in the kitchen - cabinets, around dishwasher, under sink, drawer tracks, behind stove, etc. After...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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