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  • Sat Dec 29 2012

    Small Space Fumigation

    I just heard about Nuvan Prostrips. What types of insects does it eliminate and how does it work? I hope I'm not asking too many questions. I just want to learn all that I can.
    Submitted by thomas, CA

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  • Fri Dec 28 2012

    IGR Battles

    Nyguard vs. Gentrol - I used to use Gentrol for German Roaches before Nyguard became available and I would see lots of twisted wings and deformities. I know that Gentrol "flows" along surfaces and into cracks. Does Nyguard have the same characteristics? I just don't see a lot of deformities like I did with Gentrol.
    Submitted by Bryan, TX

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  • Thu Dec 27 2012

    Things Are Really Hopping

    I had a complaint from an office worker about "something" under his desk biting him. I put some insect monitoring traps up and when I returned there were a few specks on the traps. Upon examination, these were insects that are very small, with clubbed antennae (3 segments and a club), and some type of whip out the back end. The insect is hairy and a light tan color with dark hairs at the front...
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Wed Dec 26 2012

    Bed Bugs - Not Just for People Anymore

    Will bed bugs feed on pets?
    Submitted by thomas, CA

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  • Thu Dec 20 2012

    Treating Around the Occupants

    I have a couple of Assisted Living / Nursing home clients where the residents live in very residential looking homes. I think Suspend SC and Polyzone offer some of THE best roach control and I have been using Suspend SC inside. Its label says to not apply it in rooms occupied by the elderly or infirm. Do you agree that it should be the manager's job to find a way to move them to a another room...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Wed Dec 19 2012

    Borax - Not For Everyone

    Will borax kill carpet beetles?
    Submitted by Nicholas, NC

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  • Tue Dec 18 2012

    Persistent Roaches

    I have a home where we are having problems with German roaches. We have this home on a quarterly service and for awhile now we have gotten a lot of call backs. My technician has baited with 2 products, sprayed on every service, and also put out traps. We have done everything that we can do and want to know if there is another product that you would suggest. Thanks.
    Submitted by chris, AL

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  • Mon Dec 17 2012

    Got Dirt?

    I have an account that once a year at the base of the house gets a mound of sand and small rocks. No bugs are seen, just this mound. Today they called and told me this is back and now there is sand inside the home in the same area from outside. I'm pulling my hair out trying to solve this problem. What is this?
    Submitted by bob, CA

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  • Thu Dec 13 2012

    A Bevy of Bed Bugs

    Are there different species of bed bugs?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Wed Dec 12 2012

    And Then There Was One

    In my 29 years in the industry I have heard many stories about ALPHA rats that refuse to be caught and now I have one of my own. This rat lives in a basement and has been hoarding dog food, stealing or trying to steal laundry, and digging a burrow under a supporting wall for six months. I have done all the usual things such as finding entry points (can't find a single one) eliminating dog food,...
    Submitted by Michael, OH

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  • Tue Dec 11 2012

    Day Dreaming Roaches?

    A customer commented that if a few German cockroaches are seen during the day in a particular area, it is usually a good sign that there is an infestation. Is this true or false?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Dec 10 2012

    Lichen Control

    How do I mix Cupro 5000 for small applications to control lichen fungus?
    Submitted by terrance, FL

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  • Fri Dec 7 2012

    Squirrels Keeping Warm

    Squirrels in the attic. I need to know what bait to use or how to capture them without them dying in the attic.
    Submitted by David, ID

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  • Thu Dec 6 2012

    Time Flies Like the Wind, House Flies Like Garbage

    I have an account that has a problem with house flies. No dumpster is within 40". When they wash the floor the water drips through the floor and sub-floor. I am sure that food particles also make the voyage. The areas above and below are the areas with the flies. What are the chances that the flies are breeding in between the floors?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sun Dec 2 2012

    Tim-Bor And Nozzles

    I perform Subterranean and Drywood termite treatments. The problem I'm having is with the Sub treatments where the use of Tim-Bor is causing my pump and/or hose to clog with debris. Now, cleaning my equipment would be the simple and true answer, but even after cleaning the filter and attempting to prime the hose it still clogs. I'm following label instructions when mixing. Can you please tell...
    Submitted by Rexann, CA

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  • Sat Dec 1 2012

    Pallets In Production Areas?

    Is there anything under the FQPA or any known source regarding whether or not wood pallets are permitted in a food facility? I'm speaking of an inmate chow hall where food is stored, prepared, served and consumed. So far my calls and emails to my local health department have not gotten any response.
    Submitted by Scott, KY

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  • Fri Nov 30 2012

    Kicking Out The Bats

    Do you have any solutions for controlling bats in an outdoor area such as a gazebo. I am in a tropical region.
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Wed Nov 28 2012

    Mites And Moisture

    A friend of mine has cheese/flour mites in his kitchen lower cabinets, as well as silverfish throughout the house. I've read that temperature and moisture are contributing factors. I have never dealt with cheese or flour mites. Do you have any recommendations for any control methods?
    Submitted by chucky, NY

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  • Tue Nov 27 2012

    Ultrasonics For Everything

    I overheard someone talk about ultrasonic whistles to repel stray dogs away from a factory entrance. Would this actually work? Are not these devices used for training instead?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon Nov 19 2012

    Bugs In The Fireplace

    I just found hundreds of little holes and really soft sawdust/frass in the firewood of my client. It's not carpenter ants. I took some pictures to show you. Can you help me identify this insect?
    Submitted by Mathieu, ON

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