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  • Sat Dec 31 2011

    Do You Hear A Ticking?

    I am in Arizona and found a few ticks on my two dogs. One was gray and fat and the other three were clustered together and were small with a brown/blackish color. My other dog had a cluster of something (either a scab or maybe eggs) by its ear with red skin irritation. My question is can ticks lay eggs somewhere on the dog's body too? I know they can lay them in the house, but I want to be sure...
    Submitted by Arthur T., AZ

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  • Fri Dec 30 2011

    Color Me Green For Good

    Do you know if there is an established or emerging color coding standard in the pest control industry that communicates to the applicator what type of chemical is in the tank? I once worked for a large pest control company in California and about 10 years ago they started slowly changing all their Insecticide/Termiticide rigs over to having a blue hose. I purchased a "Non-repellent" 1 gallon ha...
    Submitted by Jacob, CA

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  • Thu Dec 29 2011

    Schools and Pesticides

    I was told that there are certain laws to follow when it comes to treating a school that is public or receives govenment assistance or payment. Yet, if it's Private then just follow the guidelines on the label because it's different from a public or government assisted school's laws. Does this make sense? I just turned down a good job that came up because I wasn't sure if the laws for public ve...
    Submitted by Steve, FL

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  • Wed Dec 28 2011

    Comparing Products

    I am new in pest control and am in Maryland where the label is the law. I have 3 small apartment buildings with a ton of roaches in every one of the 50 kitchens. I am blind reading labels. I have chosen Onslaught because of its broad label and the fact that it may last up to 1 year after the application. When the eggs hatch Onslaught and the Nyguard are still working! Most of my friends use Sus...
    Submitted by John, MD

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  • Tue Dec 27 2011

    Keep It or Toss It?

    Thank you for being such a great wealth of knowledge pertaining to pest questions. Here's another. I was working with Suspend SC and Bifenthrin liquid spray yesterday, mixed with water in a 1 gallon sprayer, and some of the Bifenthrin might have touched part(s) of my leather deck shoe style shoes. The Bifenthrin label advises to discard leather items like shoes, belts, and watches that get Bife...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Mon Dec 26 2011

    Our Own Personal Reaction

    First I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, and you are very much appreciated. Is it possible that if a child is bitten by a bed bug he/she could have a fever, etc.? What are the true symptoms of a bed bug bite?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Sun Dec 25 2011

    Merry Christmas Question!

    Our company is in UT where it gets pretty cold in the winter, and most pest control companies shut down in the winter months. We are looking at offering an inside service only for the winter months, where we do a good inside spray, dust in all the outlets on the main floor, and do a thorough inspection of the house for any cracks, holes, or other openings that need to be filled in. So my questi...
    Submitted by Danny, UT

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  • Sat Dec 24 2011

    The Scoop On The Poop

    How can I tell the difference between rat droppings & squirrel droppings? Thanks.
    Submitted by David, AL

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  • Fri Dec 23 2011

    Starting A Family

    At what stage in life can a female bed bug start laying eggs and what size would she be?
    Submitted by MARC, NJ

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  • Thu Dec 22 2011

    Mix What You Need

    Some labels warn not to mix more than enough pesticide for a day's application. I've wondered though, how long can a mixture (conc + water) really hold without affecting its strength? For example, if I mixed a tank of Suspend SC on Monday afternoon around 3 pm, and then used it the following morning at 10am, did the chemical break down any considerable amount? I know some labels bear that warni...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Wed Dec 21 2011

    Please Don't Make Me Go!

    Help! I have a house that has a rat problem. I think the rat is trap shy, so how do I overcome this?
    Submitted by edward, CA

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  • Tue Dec 20 2011

    Water, Water Everywhere

    A restaurant has an issue with flies. They hose down the kitchen floor every night with hot water, leaving standing water every night. They also leave the fountain soda dispenser soaking overnight, and thus more water.
    Submitted by George, FL

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  • Mon Dec 19 2011

    Termite Love Changes

    In the Southern urban landscape it seems Subterranean Termite activity is on the decrease. Is it possible there is a correlation between this decrease and the success of unicolonial ant species? I can't ever recall finding a Subterranean Termite infestation on a structure in which the surrounding land was overrun by Crazy Ants.
    Submitted by Steve, GA

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  • Sun Dec 18 2011

    Let The Light Shine On Them

    I see that Univar now sells CSI goggles and a flashlight for detection of bed bugs. Do these really work and how? What are the drawbacks, such as false positives? I work for a major university and I need the scientific facts first. Thanks.
    Submitted by Gene, MI

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  • Sat Dec 17 2011

    Pyrethroids Make Me Nervous

    Is Talstar P considered a repellant insecticide.
    Submitted by John, MI

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  • Fri Dec 16 2011

    Roaches Don't Retire

    What is the average life span of a German roach?
    Submitted by Duane, AZ

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  • Thu Dec 15 2011

    Terror In The Desert?

    Do brown recluses live in Arizona?
    Submitted by Jacob, AZ

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  • Wed Dec 14 2011

    Protection At The Start

    I was told by a customer of mine that his previous pest control company would pre-treat his cement pads for termites before the buildings were built. Can you pre-treat for termites?
    Submitted by Frank, NV

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  • Tue Dec 13 2011


    Is it unusual to see Springtails (Snow Fleas) in the south during November/December? I had a customer last week that had a large amount of these little creatures around a garage.
    Submitted by Tim, GA

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  • Mon Dec 12 2011

    When Is A Structure Not A Structure

    In reference to a previous question about the new 'rodenticide' rules, I understand that a 'structure' within 50' of infested area must be available if baiting. I was told by a rodenticide manufacturer representative that a 'structure' is defined by having a ROOF. There is discussion about defining the term 'structure' but as of right now, if it has a roof, then it qualifies as a 'structure'! ...
    Submitted by marygrace, NC

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