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  • Wed Dec 31 2008

    Choosing Between Documents

    When applying a pesticide (this includes mixing) which takes preference with regards to personal protective equipment, the label or the material safety data sheet (msds). For example the label for Delta Dust says "avoid contact with eyes" yet the MSDS states "safety glasses or goggles." Other examples: Tempo Ultra - the label says avoid contact with eyes; the MSDS says "goggles should be use...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Tue Dec 30 2008

    Are Rodents Picky?

    When servicing exterior bait stations on a regular basis, is it best to clean the interior of the station and replace bait with fresh bait, or leave some of the old bait showing signs of activity, add fresh bait, and only clean interior of station every few services. What do you suggest?
    Submitted by John, CA

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  • Mon Dec 29 2008

    Bop The Bedbug

    Hello Mr. Pest Control. I have a client who believes she has bedbugs in her bedroom. She is hesitant to use pesticides on her bed (she did allow us to spray around her bed and within her bedroom). Can steam be used to kill bedbugs, and if so how long do the bedbugs/eggs need to be in contact with the steam? George
    Submitted by George, IL

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  • Sun Dec 28 2008

    Chiggers Control

    Treatment for Harvest Mites or chiggers, South Florida?
    Submitted by Barbara, FL

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  • Sat Dec 27 2008

    Not Even.......The Mouse

    I have several accounts that are very nice, well built homes. I have inspected these homes several times. There is no mouse activity in the basements or attached garages, however the problem area is always the attic. I suspect that the chimney is the problem, since this would be the only area on the exterior that would provide these pests a coarse surface to climb. Any suggestion would be welcome.
    Submitted by Rod, CT

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  • Fri Dec 26 2008

    Hints From Heloise

    I have a friend who lives in an apartment and her landlord keeps spraying one or two units at a time for roaches. We all know that will not get rid of them or help in any way. In the meantime she needs to try to keep them at bay. Is there any kind of household chemical or remedy she can use? People say that if you feed ants cornmeal they'll die because they can't digest it. Just wondering if th...
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Thu Dec 25 2008

    Penetrating The Wood

    I am trying to determine which insecticide to treat sub structure wood in crawlspace areas of homes for powder post beetles. I noticed that almost all termiticides are labeled for PPB treatment in sub structures. It is my understanding that termiticides need organic material to bind properly and give a residual. Which kind of insecticide has shown to give the best residual for treating sub stru...
    Submitted by Steve, SC

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  • Wed Dec 24 2008

    Some Like It Hot......Roaches Don't

    Is steam okay to use on German roaches, perhaps combined with an IGR and in a kitchen setting?
    Submitted by edward, CA

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  • Tue Dec 23 2008

    A Snip Here, A Snip There

    What is the best way to control cutter ants, and what are the best products to use?
    Submitted by Fidencio, TX

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  • Mon Dec 22 2008

    Pests In High Places

    Hello Mr. Pest Control and welcome back from your expedition in Peru! I too am now on an expedition in the Southern California Mountains, where I just began a Pest Control Route and I am eagerly looking forward to this new challenge! I know we are dealing with all kinds of beetles, including Bark Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Scorpions, and a truck load of Ground Rodents. Oh, and a whole lot of snow...
    Submitted by Cary, CA

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  • Sun Dec 21 2008

    Cricket Capers

    How do I eliminate crickets in a basement?
    Submitted by fernando, NY

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  • Sat Dec 20 2008

    Everything Eats Chicken

    Is there a "green" product that controls chicken mites?
    Submitted by Tonia, FL

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  • Fri Dec 19 2008

    Slay Those Silverfish

    What would be the best product to fight silverfish in a home, mostly upper rooms? The attic is almost sealed off. THANKS - Andre
    Submitted by Andre, MD

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  • Wed Dec 17 2008

    Environmental Fate

    Does Fusilade II have soil movement or remain in soil after an application? If so, how long does it stay in soil? Let me know. Thank you - Zach
    Submitted by Zach, CA

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  • Tue Dec 16 2008

    Keeping Busy All Year

    Do winter perimeter sprays reduce the number of pests that will emerge when the warm weather returns? What are the most common winter pests here in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and what is the best justification for continuing treatments through the winter when bug pressure in at a minimum? Thanks - Gene
    Submitted by Jerry, CA

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  • Mon Dec 8 2008

    King Rat

    A rat in a grocery store has been eating produce and now cheese. I can't seem to catch it, and have baited traps with items it is eating, but no luck so far. Any ideas, and thanks?
    Submitted by doug, CA

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  • Sat Dec 6 2008

    We Have Bedbugs, Don't Pass It On

    When dealing with bedbugs in a dormitory setting and where several floors have them, do you inform all of the residents of what is wrong, only the residents with the bugs, or do you keep it quiet and inform no one? LLC, WY
    Submitted by Leo, WY

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  • Fri Dec 5 2008

    The Bad Side of Beneficial

    I have a situation at a winery where they have a large infestation of ground beetles (the ones that smell when crushed). The problem is they are getting inside the cases of wine, which would not be good for these folks if customers found live or dead beetles in the cases. They hang out around the pallets, but I can't seem to find one area where they may be breeding. The place is pretty clean an...
    Submitted by Bill, CA

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  • Thu Dec 4 2008

    Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

    I have accounts upset with me because of state health inspectors making the restaurants remove their fly light stations. How do I educate them without causing more problems? I have used the UV light traps because they are labeled for use in these areas, and trap the fly rather then blowing tiny bits all over. My problem seems to be with the state health food inspectors. The inspectors have gone...
    Submitted by Garry, UT

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  • Wed Dec 3 2008

    Just Wave The Magic Wand

    A grocery has flies in the meat department. They have UV lights with glue boards, but still have a big problem. The doors are an issue as they are left open, and garbage dumpster lids are open at all times. What else can be done, knowing the need for sanitation and keeping things closed?
    Submitted by doug, CA

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