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  • Mon Feb 26 2007

    What Would You Like For Dinner?

    I have experienced accounts where the acceptance of one bait by mice was preferred over another. There have been situations where one bait was ignored completely, and a different one substituted and accepted. Yet, the reverse has also occurred. The baits are kept separate from other pesticides and I do not smoke. Any ideas? Thanks Bill
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sat Feb 24 2007

    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

    I have a customer who just finished an addition to their house and they have 1x6 Missouri cedar for the floor trim. The customer noticed some frass at the bottom of the board and some exit holes of some type of beetle. What kind of beetle infests Missouri cedar? Thanks, Dan
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Fri Feb 23 2007

    Saying Nix To Nits

    Hello - Is there a question in pest control you can't answer? Quick question - A customer called today asking if I could spray her home for head lice. Her little girl had lice last week and now she has eggs in her hair. She is still home from school and cannot return until it's gone. What is the correct treatment for head lice? What if she is getting it from school? How can you tell. Thank you...
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Thu Feb 22 2007

    May The Truth Be Told?

    I have become confused regarding boric acid dust. On one hand I can read and am told that it kills bugs on contact as a desiccant, drying out the bugs like silica gel dust. But, I can also read that it is only effective if the insect eats it. We would like to use a dust as part of our bedbug control programs. Is boric acid a good choice. The Truth must be out there somewhere. Mr. Pest Control
    Submitted by Jeffrey A, CA

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  • Tue Feb 20 2007

    Something Loose In The Attic?

    I have always wondered about the merits of loose baits in an attic. My understanding is that mice need to feel secure, as in an RTU, when eating. Loose bait does not afford this security. There is also the fact of the baits sinking into loose insulation and getting lost rendering the baits usless. The aspect of removing old baits before the onset of grain pests is also an issue. Are there any ...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Mon Feb 19 2007

    Mice Are Having A Sleepover

    I am working at a local university. In one of the residence halls we're experiencing a large problem with mice. They started in the trash chute, and have spread to two floors. The trash chute is only emptied once during the day, and on the weekend trash seems to back up above the first floor. The mice are in the rooms in conjunction with the chute. We have snap traps and RTU's with bait in the...
    Submitted by George, MD

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  • Sun Feb 18 2007

    Being Driven Gnatty Batty

    We service a building that has been having a constant problem with gnats. There are no signs of moisture buildup, no trash, no leaks in drop ceilings, no leaks in the a.c. ducts or drip pan, only 2 ornamental plants inside, and checked the outside perimeter and there was also no sign of plants with moisture buildup. We have been using fly web fly control lamps and they have been catching a lot ...
    Submitted by Luis, FL

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  • Fri Feb 16 2007

    Make It One Stop Shopping

    I have been thinking about starting some add-on services to my pest control, since the winters have been so bad this year, such as a handyman type services. There are a lot of my customers that can't find anyone to do anything for them, especially small jobs around the house. What is your take on this, and thanks.
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Thu Feb 15 2007

    More On The Mice

    I recently submitted a question to you regarding the best method of eliminating rodents from a residential house. I have started using mechanical means of control, so far with good results. How many times do I need to go back and inspect the snap/glueboards? Currently, I schedual a call back to inspect the placements from three days up to five days, depending on my work load. What I have f...
    Submitted by Judith, MA

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  • Wed Feb 14 2007

    Smells Good, Lasts Short Time

    I have a question about XT-2000 Orange Oil. About how long does it last in wood after a treatment? I've heard it's only about 4-8 days and then the wood is edible again. Do you have any info on this? Thanks.
    Submitted by Steve, CA

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  • Tue Feb 13 2007

    Working The Bugs Out

    Hello. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I have a 17 floor apt complex and do the account on a monthly service, and am getting roaches in apts here and there. We are using Maxforce bait and seem not to be getting really good results. Any suggestions on a better bait. Also, we are getting problems with the almighty and famous bedbug. They are getting these pests in some apts that n...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sun Feb 11 2007

    No Hundred Year Floods Please

    I have an account that has dampwood termites and carpenter ants, neither of which is unusual. It's the location of the house, which is built on stilts and straddles a stream that feeds into the Puget Sound. What are my options on treating this situation. Many pest control companies have looked at this property and just walked away, I would like to think that we could give the homeowner a soluti...
    Submitted by Eric, WA

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  • Sat Feb 10 2007

    Don't Know If They Are Coming Or Going

    Hello. One of our accounts is having a problem with roaches coming out of the sink drain. What is the best method to control them in this situation?
    Submitted by Greg, UT

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  • Wed Feb 7 2007

    Things Are Hoppin' In The Springtime

    Hello I am hoping that you could help me out, we have a problem with some type of fly or flea that hops in the snow. We live in central New York and at one of our accounts, in the snow, we see these small insects either jump, hop or fly small distances. Do you have any idea what these insects may be? thank you Randy
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sun Feb 4 2007

    Some Bedbug Hints

    A word about bed bug treatments. I have found that the use of Demand CS as a spray has been a benefit in the treatments. Not only is there a better kill (evidenced by the amount of dead bed bugs I find on the first follow up), but the flushing properties are also more effective. I will treat one room, move on to the next, then return to the previous room. The bed bugs are then coming out of th...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sat Feb 3 2007

    Those No-No Ingredients

    Where can I find information on pesticide products that contain inert ingredients categorized by the U.S. EPA as List 1: Inert Ingredients of Toxicological Concern"?
    Submitted by robert, LA

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  • Thu Feb 1 2007

    Taking The Bug By The Horns

    I have never done a bed bug job, and after watching the Bayer DVD don't think I want to. No one that I know would want to pay for that kind of inspection and treatment, and leave the apartment empty for weeks. Everyone just wants cheap! cheap! Cheap! and even if I was cheap the low-baller would get it. Are a lot pest control companies getting into bed bugs?
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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