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  • Sat Dec 29 2007

    Non-Toxic Does Not Exist

    With regards to the use of pesticides in the school environment, most states have adopted a "least hazardous pesticide" (or low impact) listing. The term "without toxic synergists" is included. One of the very common synergists used, especially with pyrethrin formulations, is piperonyl butoxide. At what levels (percentage) in a formulation would piperonyl butoxide be considered a "toxic synergi...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Wed Dec 26 2007

    Is A Mite A Mite?

    How do you control mites?
    Submitted by Tony, WI

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  • Tue Dec 25 2007

    Whippin' The Whiteflies

    We need the correct solution to the problem of our Ficus trees and the White Fly infestation in the South Florida area. Please give us your smart and intelligent answer. Thanks - Angel.
    Submitted by Angel, FL

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  • Sat Dec 22 2007

    Enemies of The A.I.

    Does hot water break down the percentage of active ingredient when you mix your tank solution?
    Submitted by tony, NV

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  • Sun Dec 16 2007

    More On Going Green

    We are in the process of converting to a low impact program using EcoSmart products. My question is - Is there an IGR that is considered low impact to use in our program? We use Nyguard as of now. Thanks for your answer.
    Submitted by Jeff, CA

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  • Sat Dec 15 2007

    The Bee Is Boring

    How do we get rid of carpenter bees? Any way to discourage them from choosing a particular piece of wood?
    Submitted by Les, TX

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  • Fri Dec 14 2007

    Wearin' Of The Green

    Is there a green program out there being used in our indusry for residential and commercial accounts? I'm looking for products used and procedures being implemented. Please help. Thank you
    Submitted by Geary, OR

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  • Wed Dec 12 2007

    How Long Must We Wait?

    What is the least time possible between bedbug treatments for a heavy infestation. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Submitted by Juan, NY

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  • Mon Dec 10 2007

    Colder Than A Flea's Proboscis In Winter

    Do fleas live in the grass in the winter?
    Submitted by Julie, IN

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  • Tue Dec 4 2007

    Driving Miss Ratsy

    I have a customer who has some concerns with rodents when he stores his car during the winter. Are there any tips I can give him to help protect his car from rodents nesting and chewing on wires in the car? Thanks Billy
    Submitted by Billy, NJ

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  • Sun Dec 2 2007

    Circling The Drain

    I would like to know what the recommended treatment is, using I MaxxPro in a preconstruction setting, where there is drain tile present in and around the perimeter of a basement. Thank you.
    Submitted by Joe, KS

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  • Sat Dec 1 2007

    Awaiting The Warmth of Spring

    I have a customer who has bats living under the trim or rake boards on her house. They go under the trim where the siding overlaps and creates a small void. Since it is cooler here now do I have to wait until spring for them to leave, and cover the area so they cannot get back in, and then seal it up after we know they are gone? What can I do now about them?
    Submitted by william, VA

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  • Fri Nov 30 2007

    What's Mine Is Yours

    I service a couple of mobile homes in a trailer park. The people own their trailer, but rent the spot to set it up. German cockroaches recently started coming out of their kitchen sink drain, and a couple of other residents claim they have started noticing the same thing. The owner of the park told them that since all of the plumbing is hooked to the same line, if someone gets infested it is co...
    Submitted by Barry, WV

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  • Thu Nov 29 2007

    Sharing Your Food

    Can you give me some guidelines for dealing with moths in the kitchen cabinets?
    Submitted by tony, NV

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  • Wed Nov 28 2007

    Please Fly Away Home

    We are inundated with yellow "Lady bugs" in our East Texas Area. What can we do to get rid of them in our commercial accounts and residential? They don't seem to respond to regular chemical treatments like Suspend, Demand, Tengard, etc. Pat - TX
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Mon Nov 26 2007

    Au Natural

    I need to know of rodent control methods for natural and organic supermarkets. I cannot use glueboards, although I wish I could. Thanks - Thomas
    Submitted by tom, NJ

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  • Fri Nov 23 2007

    The Nicest Way To Die?

    What is the killing action of bromodialone? Does it make rats drowsy and sleepy? There is an article from a Kentucky newspaper in the Pests In The News section of PestWeb that states so, posted Nov. 16 - "Rats in Andover House to be Killed". I would like clarification. Thank you
    Submitted by Scott, MA

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  • Thu Nov 22 2007

    House Of The Flies

    I've got a house here in San Diego which has black flies all around the house. We can find nothing dead in the area. What could I use to control these flies, and why is this happening?
    Submitted by edward, CA

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  • Mon Nov 19 2007

    A Cozy Winter Firebrat

    A few homes on my schedule have firebrats. In all cases the homes have shake roofs. Keeping the perimeter clear and treated has been our standard approach, but I wonder if this is really effective. Why would a firebrat ever bother to wander down the outside of the house to visit the treated perimeter anyway?
    Submitted by Ruth M, OR

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  • Sat Nov 17 2007

    A Portal To The Food Bank

    I've seen holes about an inch wide in the ground around the house, mostly in the flower bed, and was wondering if crickets live or hide out there during the day. If that's not what lives there, what do you think it is?
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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