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  • Sun Dec 31 2006

    A Good Night's Sleep

    I was just reading about the Bug-Off mattress encasements that are available to our industry to stop bed bugs from invading mattresses. They also claim to protect against reinfestation. In the past, before covers of this sort were available, I made it a practice to inform clients, and I would sometimes purchase them if needed, about the Allergen Barrier mattress covers. Wouldn't these covers b...
    Submitted by KRISTINE, NY

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  • Sun Dec 24 2006

    A Rat Dreams of Old Age

    Hello there. I have a problem with a rat at a coffee shop location in western New York. We have set out snap traps, glue boards, stations with snap traps, had a person sit out during 2 separate instances at night to try to shoot it. We are getting complaints of this rodent chewing computer wires and we can not find out where it is coming from. We have tried just about everything we could thin...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Fri Dec 22 2006

    When Winter Guests Stay Too Long

    Reoccuring flea problem. Hotel room, on second floor, had a renter who brought dogs, and a flea problem started immediately after that. No animals or occupants in the room since November 15,2006. No wild animal or rodent issues exist. Treatment 11/15 with Dragnet and Precor, 12/4 Dragnet and Precor again because they steam cleaned carpets, 12/15 Dragnet only, 12/22 Precor 2000 aerosol. We had ...
    Submitted by Jim, FL

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  • Wed Dec 20 2006

    When Cleanliness Really Matters

    Is there any pesticide I can use in a medical manufacturer cleanroom? Thanks
    Submitted by Juan

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  • Fri Dec 15 2006

    Battle of the Burrow Buddies

    What is the best method to deal with Pocket gophers? Thanks, William
    Submitted by Willaim, GA

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  • Thu Dec 14 2006

    Fleabane Cannot Bite

    Mr. Pest control, Good Morning. I have a customer in Arizona who needs a solution to eliminating HAIRY FLEABANE. It is in the family ASTERACEAE, and is similar to another broadleaf weed called HORSEWEED. Being in the same family I looked @ several different post-emergents and wondered what you thought the best solution or product would be in this situation for a golf course. My first thought...
    Submitted by Tom, FL

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  • Tue Dec 12 2006

    Pallets Should Not Be Aquatic

    Can you tell me about the Pselaphidae beetle and Bark Lice I found on some wooden pallets outside one of our commercial accounts. The area around these pallets, that are sitting uncovered on a slab, has standing water in some areas and moist ground in other areas. I would like any information you could give about these as well as the conditions in which the pallets are stored.
    Submitted by Charles, NC

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  • Sat Dec 9 2006

    Where Does It Go When You Are Done?

    About disposal of contaminated or spoiled Contrac Rodent Bait; it appears that the label says just put it in the trash! We take such care to keep it in safe bait stations when we put it out, I can hardly believe we should take out the pieces that have melted from heat or water, or broken into bits, or turned very moldy, and just throw them in a dumpster or trashcan. Typically as I service sta...
    Submitted by Ruth M, OR

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  • Thu Dec 7 2006

    Tweety Bird Is Twitchin'

    Good evening, The local vet has a customer with a bird mite problem. What do you recommend for surface application as well as direct application to the infested bird that can be used by the customer.
    Submitted by Wayne

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  • Sun Dec 3 2006

    Protection By Borates

    I have a few clients interested in getting their decking & fencing sprayed using Bora-Care or Tim-Bor. Do you have any idea what the longevity for both chemicals is? Thank you.
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Fri Dec 1 2006

    Going High Tech For Termites

    Hi, I've seen some ads out about handheld devices that can detect termites in walls, etc, by picking up noise or the gases they produce. What info do you have on these devices? Thanks.
    Submitted by Steve, CA

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  • Thu Nov 30 2006

    Rats in High Places

    I have tried without success to get answers for my situation from a variety of sources. Many of my customers have block walls that directly abutt the side of their homes. The distance from the top of the wall to the roof is only about 2 to 3 feet, so rats can easily jump from the wall to the roof. I would like to find something to put on the block wall that would prevent rats from making the ju...
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Tue Nov 28 2006

    All Abuzz With Beetles

    Have you ever heard of confused flour beetles coming from an old honey bees nest in a wall?
    Submitted by Randy, TN

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  • Sun Nov 26 2006

    Running Hot and Cold

    Univar's Study Guide for California Structural Pest Control Examinations Pg 116 states "Bed bugs are very temperature sensitive, and the optimum temperature they are looking for is about that of human skin." The National Pest Management Assoc's website states "And they are very hardy. They can live a year or more without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing...
    Submitted by Sandra, CA

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  • Thu Nov 23 2006

    Things Are Not So Rosey

    What causes black leaf spot on roses?
    Submitted by James, CA

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  • Tue Nov 21 2006

    The Ones That Don't Want To Go

    I think I have a group of trap-shy rats in a school setting. I've used peanut butter and chocolate as bait, rodent exclusion is complete, and the teachers have been asked to not have food in the classrooms. I've caught several in the last few months, but this month I'm not catching anything except complaints. I'm hesitant to use poison simply because of the odor issues that always follow whe...
    Submitted by Kelli, TX

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  • Mon Nov 20 2006

    A Sticky Situation With Whiteflies

    Hi - I was just wondering why there is no info on here about whiteflies?? Do you know of a good site that has info on them?
    Submitted by william, CA

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  • Sun Nov 19 2006

    The Rascally Rodents

    Hi, What is the best way to control rats and mice in apartments. What am I doing wrong. Thanks, William
    Submitted by Willaim, GA

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  • Sat Nov 18 2006

    Small, Smelly, and Moving In

    Hi - I have a beetle that I have not been able to I.D. It hangs out with earwigs and often is seen around the door frames, under rocks, and most moist locales where I also find the earwigs. This is a small brownish/reddish beetle with a horrible odor. Any ideas? Thanks Casey
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Wed Nov 15 2006

    A Fungus Amongus

    Good afternoon, I have a potential new customer that has a mold problem in an office. However I have never dealt with mold. I am assuming that they have or had a water problem at one time. What do you recommend that I can do and/or use. Thanks, Wayne
    Submitted by Wayne

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