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  • Wed Dec 28 2005

    Needs a Good Shaking

    Is it true that flea larva will emerge due to mechanical vibration caused from walking on carpet or the vibration caused by vacuuming?
    Submitted by Eric, WA

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  • Sun Dec 25 2005

    Christmas Good Tidings and Flies

    I was hoping you could help me out with a fruit fly problem in this restaurant in central NY. We have tried ULD with little to no success. We have 4 ILT units out and we do catch a lot on a couple of the lights. The bar area is bad and there is a no movable cooler in this area. The kitchen gets them in several areas, we have checked above the drop ceiling and no activity noted. We just cann...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Fri Dec 23 2005

    Aedes, Culex, and Anopheles....Oh My!

    Mosquito control; would like to know the best adulticides and larvacides. I am currently using Demand CS.
    Submitted by TODISCO, NY

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  • Mon Dec 19 2005

    Battle of the Bedbug Continues

    What is the best product to use in the control of bed bugs?
    Submitted by Patti, IN

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  • Fri Dec 16 2005

    The Things That "Bug" Us

    What do I have to do to control seed bugs?
    Submitted by Michael, CA

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  • Sun Dec 11 2005

    A Cockroach With The Munchies

    I have an account where the person is sure they have been bitten by a roach (German roach in particular). Where can I find and show where research proves otherwise? Thanks.
    Submitted by Joey, GA

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  • Fri Dec 9 2005

    A Question of Regularity?

    My question is concerning how often you need to spray. I have been part of the pest control career field for about 10 years now. I have noticed that some companies guarantee pest elimination based on their spraying your home or facility monthly or on some other regular schedule. In my experience that practice has been proven not to be necessary. I have taken on several accounts and serviced the...
    Submitted by Lawrence, TX

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  • Thu Dec 8 2005

    Secondary Hazards?

    In using second generation anticoagulants in rat and mouse control, is it possible for non-targeted animals to be poisoned by eating dead carcasses?
    Submitted by Howard, MS

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  • Sat Dec 3 2005

    Shake and Bake for ZP?

    I am cleaning up zinc phosphide from a previous applicator, and I was told it was ok to use molasses to bind it when I was done cleaning it up. The ZP is mixed with corn and sunflower seeds. I was wondering what you thought, if the molasses would activate the ZP. Thanks Jaime
    Submitted by Jaime, CA

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  • Thu Dec 1 2005

    Do You Hear That Ticking?

    What is the best product to treat inside for BROWN DOG TICK.
    Submitted by Thomas, FL

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  • Tue Nov 29 2005

    Roaches - Not What They Came to See

    We have been asked to control a bad german roach problem, as well as mice in a zoo. The problem is it's in a very large bird building with birds that are priceless, and if one would die we would be sick and of cource in a lot of trouble. What would you do to get the best control.
    Submitted by Richard, IL

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  • Fri Nov 25 2005

    The Mode of Action

    How does Termidor work on termites?
    Submitted by Gerald, FL

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  • Wed Nov 23 2005

    Attack of the Giant Paper Mites

    Paper mites? fact or fiction?
    Submitted by Bobby, GA

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  • Fri Nov 18 2005

    More Babies - A Remedy For Stress?

    Mr. Pest Control, If an ant colony is stressed is it possible the queen or queens can reproduce at a faster rate then normal?
    Submitted by Josh, NV

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  • Sun Nov 13 2005

    Munching Through the Daisies

    Customer complains about grasshoppers eating his flowers. Problem is seasonal. Suggestions?
    Submitted by Russell, AZ

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  • Sat Nov 12 2005

    Is IPM Spelled Without A B&G

    I plan on removing the B&G sprayer from the field and only use it on rare occasions, say for a flea job . We are using IPM. What do you think the consumer's reaction will be once this is explained to them?
    Submitted by Tony, IA

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  • Fri Nov 11 2005

    The Poop and The Protocol

    In a previous answer about removing pigeons from attic spaces you mentioned "a specific protocol" for removing the accumulated droppings and pigeon debris that remains. Could you be specific as to what the requirements are or refer to specific citations in the literature. We need to impress upon a customer that it is more than just "shoveling the stuff out."
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Thu Nov 10 2005

    The Law and the Boxes

    Can tamper resistant bait boxes containing bait blocks for rodents be placed around residential houses? This is in California.
    Submitted by Brian, CA

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  • Tue Nov 8 2005

    Classing Up the Topic

    At a past pest control seminar a lecturer offered a t-shirt with the entomological (or maybe Latin) word for eat poop, after explaining the habit of roaches eating fecal matter previously contaminated w/ bait. I admit I found this funny and want to duplicate it. Please, WHAT IS THAT WORD?
    Submitted by Michael, WI

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  • Mon Nov 7 2005

    Do Spiders Go Tippy-Toe?

    Why don't spiders pick up chemicals?
    Submitted by Troy, GA

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