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  • Thu Dec 16 2004

    Ramblin' Roaches

    German cockroaches infested in a drop ceiling that is adjacent to another restaurant in a strip mall. Also a drop ceiling in a food court mall.
    Submitted by Donna, GA

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  • Fri Dec 10 2004

    Ladybug, Ladybug, Go the Heck Away

    I have a friend in Sliversprings, MA, with a condo on the 7th floor. Beginning in Sept ladybugs were appearing at the exterior screen door. Adjacent and one floor down another condo had plants etc on their terrace. My thought was that that was the source. Now in Dec ladybugs are appearing on the inside of the condo, there are no plants whatsoever inside. Two or three everyother day in the ...
    Submitted by John E, AZ

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  • Thu Dec 9 2004

    Driven Batty In Arizona

    Hi, I have an account that has bats inside the ceiling, I went onto the roof and checked the edges of it and it is very well sealed. I do not see them flying out of the house but I am very sure that they are bats because of the type of droppings that are falling from the ceiling to the inside of the house. The customer tells me he can hear them inside the ceiling of my bedroom at night maki...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Tue Dec 7 2004

    Working on the Moldy Oldy

    Here in NC we are having lots of problems with home inspectors telling customers their home has fungi or even mold. Most homes here, unless really damp and poor ventilation, have a non-wood destroying mold that is most times black. What kind of treatment is recommended for treating that mold? I know when I do a wood destroying fungi treatment, I use Timbor Wp. I have seen houses that have sales...
    Submitted by Terry, NC

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  • Mon Nov 29 2004

    The Down Side of Recycling

    I am about to begin treatment for a bottling plant. They have a return bottle system, so every day they receive thousands of cases of semi-empty bottles that eventually will go through the washing and disinfecting process. The problem is that the pallets, cases and even the bottles come into the facilities full of all types of bugs and animals, from snakes to scorpions, not to mention roache...
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Thu Nov 25 2004

    The Battle of the Blatta

    I am having a moderate infestation of oriental roaches in a milling facility in central New York. I have found the area of concern, it is in a crack in the cement foundation and they are now coming out into several other areas of this mill. What would be your product of choice and what would you recommend to us on how to treat this area. I was thinking on a crack & crevice program with Deman...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Fri Nov 19 2004

    An Unwelcome Diet of Fish

    what is a good way to control the blue heron from eating your fish from your pond. thanks joe vasquez
    Submitted by Joe, CA

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  • Sun Nov 14 2004

    Getting the Jump on Fleas

    Mr. Pest Control I am having a problem with fleas this year. I have used many different pesticides, and nothing seems to work. Is there a particular pesticide that you suggest. Thank you for your help. Neil Crile
    Submitted by Neil, GA

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  • Tue Nov 9 2004

    Pepper on Your Salad?

    A common problem encountered in NYC high- rise apartment buildings, regarding mice is that there are always some entry points that will never get sealed. This is due to contractors not sealing holes around electric or plumbing lines before installing cabinets,appliances and/or radiator enclosures. With regard to the apartment owners that do not have conditions that favor harborage they will ...
    Submitted by Tony, NY

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  • Thu Nov 4 2004

    A Masked Marauder

    I have a customer with a huge raccoon problem. These animals are getting all the way into the dining area and kitchen, especially at night, and are basically eating with the customers. We don't want to kill them, so we began to trap them using havahart cages. Due to government regulations we can not take them more than 7 to miles from the place where we catch them. Also apparently they hav...
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Wed Nov 3 2004

    Beneficial but Unwanted

    Would like to know what is the best way to deal with the persistent bats. What measures work best? Thanks Dennis
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Tue Nov 2 2004

    Taking it to the Spiders

    Wondering if you could help out with a small problem with spiders inside. I have several customers with spiders inside, yet it is against our company policy to spray inside with a B/G handsprayer. The only pruducts we can use are PT 565 and Cy-Kick. Is there any advice you can give me on how to do a proper treatment under these circumstances? Also the webs are knocked down outside and I treat e...
    Submitted by Ramon, CA

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  • Fri Oct 29 2004

    A Public Anti-Mouse Campaign

    I live on Indian Rocks Beach ,Fl. The island is having problems with mice & rats (mostly mice). I contacted city hall and asked if they could put out a news letter for everyone to put out rat bait on a certain day. He asked for information on how to do this. I'm not for sure on how to tell him to handle this problem. Do you have anything I could go to him with.
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Tue Oct 26 2004

    An Unwelcome Escargot

    I have a customer with slugs coming into her kitchen. What treatment and chemicals would you recommend for this pest? Thanks, Howard
    Submitted by Howard, MS

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  • Sat Oct 23 2004

    Lovely But Unwanted

    Would like to know what is best way to deal with a persistent wood pecker. What deterrent measures work best?
    Submitted by Matt, OR

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  • Thu Oct 21 2004

    Everything But the Eggs

    I see that the Vikane label does not include german roaches. So, with that aside, could the Vikane penetrate the egg capsule.
    Submitted by Todd, CA

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  • Tue Oct 19 2004

    Bambi is a Nuisance

    We have a very large Deer population in our area and are interested in an add on service for keeping deer from destroying customers vegetation. I am aware of some products that are applied to vegetation but do not seem to last very long, are are removed during a rain. I was also told that their is a systemic product that can last up to 3 months. Do you have any knowledge of specific products...
    Submitted by James, PA

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  • Fri Oct 15 2004

    A Lingering of Termites

    I was inspecting a home for termites and found shelter tubes hanging from the ceiling. After speaking w/ owner I found out that the home was treated 15 mo. ago. The home has a flat roof w/ some soft spots (moisture prob.) but I could not find any place where they could be getting up to the ceiling, or at least no active spot. Is it possible that they created a secondary colony? I have heard of ...
    Submitted by Edward, NJ

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  • Wed Oct 13 2004

    Satisfaction In The Fly Wars

    HI , I have a new account for fly control. This is a new equestrian club with a cafeteria and barbeque place, with about 40 horses in this place and many flies that bother the horses and people. We get more and more flies at noon at barbeque time and throughout the rest of the afternoon. We have used the following to try to solve the problem. Cleaning the place twice a day and taking the h...
    Submitted by Dennis, FL

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  • Sun Oct 10 2004

    Yet Another Nuisance Ant

    You don't hear a lot about compact carpenter ants here in Florida. It took me a while to find out what they were...i have a commercial account in down town Tampa that is covered with these ants living in the dead boots of the cabbage palms next to the site. They are not a problem inside though. Should I aggressively treat for this rare ant in this area???? By the way, there are thousands of ne...
    Submitted by William, FL

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