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  • Wed Dec 24 2003

    Screening out the Yellowjackets

    What is the largest size mesh sreening that will keep out yellow jackets? I have a customer who gets yellow jackets (hundreds) into a candy kitchen through the exhaust vents on the roof; I recommended screening, but they are concerned that too fine a mesh will clog easily.
    Submitted by Paul, IL

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  • Tue Dec 23 2003

    More Slug Repellents

    From preventing slugs and snails from destroying my "Contrac Blox" in the rodent bait stations, I scatter rock salt in the bottom of the inside of the bait station. Do you find any thing wrong with this? It seems to work fine.
    Submitted by James, CA

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  • Fri Dec 5 2003

    The Mystery of the Moths

    Running a route in rual Az. I occasionally run into the question of moths in a closet. Customers will find a sweater or dress with tiny holes but no sign of the culprit. Is there a simple solution and I don't mean moth balls or a cedar chest. Can one just fumigate the closet and then air out the cloths? Help.
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Thu Dec 4 2003

    Battling the Bedbugs

    We are finding and I have read that pyrethroids may not be the product of choice for bedbugs; however, since the reasurgence of bedbugs is farily recent, there are not that many products labeled for them. What would you recommend?
    Submitted by Brad, OK

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  • Wed Dec 3 2003

    Keeping up With Winter

    Winter can be a slow time for general pest management. Through your experience and knowledge what would be some information to give existing customers in order to keep them from cancelling till spring, and what is a great way to continue to get new customers in the winter?
    Submitted by Don, AZ

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  • Tue Dec 2 2003

    Why the Woods Roaches??

    I have been servicing this home for about 4 years for general pest control and never had a wood roach problem. all of a sudden the customer sees one here and one there. I have used Cy-Kick Cs with very little results and cannot find where the source is.
    Submitted by Anthony, VA

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  • Thu Nov 27 2003

    The Need for The Node

    Why do some ants have one node and others have two? What purpose do they serve?
    Submitted by Allen R., FL

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  • Fri Nov 21 2003

    Those Mysterious Yellow Spots

    I have 2 women working in the same office. They live about 20 miles apart. They both are having small yellow spots showing up on thier clothes hanging in the closets. They want to know if this could be an insect causing this. Thanks, Rob
    Submitted by Robert, NV

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  • Wed Nov 19 2003

    Managing Mosquito Control

    I have a 5 star Hotel account located in the middle of the tropics by the pacific coast in Central America. We are concern about mosquitos and would like to hear different oppinions on the best way to treat them. Any comments on mosquito traps do they work? which one is the best trap? Do you have any coments on automated mist equipment? Thanks Guillermo
    Submitted by Guillermo, FL

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  • Sun Nov 9 2003

    Lingering Silverfish

    We are having a very difficult time controlling silverfish in a townhouse condominium. The unit is only about 10 to 12 years old but has already had some serious moisture issues i.e. stains on ceilings, along with poor run off resulting from wood shingles. The unit is tightly insulated with cathedral ceilings above the bedrooms and foyer. We have been in the accessable attic space and have d...
    Submitted by Keith, NH

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  • Sat Nov 8 2003

    Infested Floors

    I have a customer that has southern yellow pine floor boards in her home. They seem to be infested in areas with some type of beetle. The floors have been stained and no signs of any damage or infestation in crawl space. What type would this be and waht treatment would be best for inside the house. And would you treat entire flooring in all areas or just in the boards that are infested. Thanks.
    Submitted by Steve, SC

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  • Wed Nov 5 2003

    Drywood Termite Local Treats

    I have a customer who has a wall with exstensive Dry wood termite infestation and damage. They want to build a new wall on the inside of the structure, frame in a new French door treat the infested wall and put in new wood where necessary. Is there a spray or brushon pesticide that will fill the bill?? Your imput is appreciated.
    Submitted by James R, AZ

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  • Tue Nov 4 2003

    Fleas are Fearsome

    Dear Mr. Pest Control, I and my fellow workers battle fleas every year and always have a persistent problem in apartment complexes where the results are not fast enough. Other environments such as house, we get less complaints. Some of these aprtments mentioned don't have pets and yet the flea activty will not go away. We have used the appropriate IGR and adulticide according to label dire...
    Submitted by Matt, OR

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  • Mon Oct 27 2003

    Removing the Roaches

    What are both, safe and effective ways of ridding german roaches from upholstered furniture.
    Submitted by Richard, FL

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  • Tue Oct 21 2003

    Stopping the Millipedes

    What product works the best for millipedes? I have one home that gets huge numbers inside, and we've used Tempo both as an interior baseboard spray and as a perimeter spray outside.
    Submitted by John, IA

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  • Thu Oct 16 2003

    Ticks in the Kennels

    I do monthly service at an animal shelter which accepts abandoned, stray or owner-turn-in dogs and cats. I'm also a member of this non-profit organization and donate my services. We often get dogs with tick problems. The animals are kept at the shelter while we attempt to find homes for them. I need to treat the outdoor kennel and yard area, but the kennels are usually washed down daily with a ...
    Submitted by Michael, AZ

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  • Wed Oct 15 2003

    Masses of Mites?

    I have a customer who has a severe infestation of some type of mite in her home. They are eating them alive. Have treated yard with Demon TC type product, dusted under home with Drione, treated inside with Suspend. This is having little or no affect. What do you suggest?
    Submitted by John, FL

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  • Wed Oct 8 2003

    Munching Mantids

    What can you tell me about preying mantis. I believe they are harmless and actually good to eat insects that are harmful. Thank you
    Submitted by Pat, CA

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  • Tue Oct 7 2003

    Willow Weeping

    What would bore into the trunk of a willow tree the hole is about an eighth of an inch and there is a lot of sap poring out of it.
    Submitted by Don, AZ

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  • Wed Oct 1 2003

    Roaches in the Floor Drains

    Could you please give some suggestions on how to treat sanitary lines in large commercial structures for the control of american roaches.
    Submitted by Martin, PA

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