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  • Thu Oct 8 2015

    No Riders

    The staff at a social service agency transports clients in their personal vehicles and sees bed bugs on the clothes or a bag of a client sitting in the passenger seat. They are concerned about the bed bugs falling off the client and then being transferred to another passenger or perhaps to themselves. What kind of inspection, monitoring or treatment do you recommend for a passenger car? Ditt...
    Submitted by John, OH

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  • Tue Oct 6 2015

    Midge Quality Water

    With the heavy flooding rain in Florida this year, I have had the biggest issue with midges around clients’ homes that are near a pond or lake. The problem is worst around front and back doors. Is there some kind of a repellent product? I have asked them to contact their homeowners associations so they can contact an aquatic specialist.
    Submitted by Robert, FL

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  • Fri Oct 2 2015

    Unintentional Bites

    Do cockroaches bite people?
    Submitted by Jodi

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