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  • Thu Sep 22 2016

    Before or After?

    When is it legal to apply pesticides for bed bugs?
    Submitted by nate, NY

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  • Mon Sep 12 2016

    Cicada Killer Killer

    What is the best way to get rid of cicada killer wasps in a yard? We have treated the holes and treated the ground where they are located.
    Submitted by Tom, GA

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  • Wed Sep 7 2016

    Going Overboard

    I have a 90-foot boat with either immature American or Oriental cockroaches. We cannot agree on the identification in my office, but feel both species would be living in the bilges versus German cockroaches that would be in the living space. My question is which is better? Applying a residual, IGR and pyrethrum together with our B&G portable aerosol system or spraying where we can reach wit...
    Submitted by Michele, RI

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