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  • Tue Jul 26 2016

    Organic Search Results

    What are considered organic pesticides?
    Submitted by Richard, CA

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  • Mon Jul 18 2016

    It’s Not What but Where

    Is there a fogging product for indoor use that will kill bird mites?
    Submitted by Robbie, CA

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  • Mon Jul 11 2016

    Wascally Wabbit

    I am trying to catch or repel a rabbit for my customer who has an eggplant and zucchini garden. The rabbit is eating the leaves overnight. I tried baiting a Havahart trap with carrots and lettuce and applying neem oil and bone meal around the garden. Any ideas about what else I can try?
    Submitted by uri, NV

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  • Thu Jul 7 2016

    Party Crashers

    I have a client that is having a backyard party in two days and wants to have the June beetles treated before the party. What product would be best and where should it be applied?
    Submitted by sid, CA

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