• Thu Oct 23 2014

    A Bag of Water of Day...

    Can a bag or bottle of water keep flies away?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Thu Oct 16 2014

    Get In There!

    Is there a way to treat for fleas in a sub area without crawling it? There are dusts, but what about workers that have to go back under in a few days?
    Submitted by doug, CA

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  • Tue Oct 14 2014

    Mosquito Cleaner

    Does Windex glass cleaner kill mosquitoes? I’ve heard if you spray it all over your house, it will kill all the mosquitoes.
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Fri Oct 10 2014

    Backyard Birds

    A customer's daughter has ants in the backyard. Normally, I would apply a granular pesticide for the ants, but the problem is she has chickens in her yard that eat the ants. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Wed Oct 8 2014

    The Supply Chain Strategy

    I have a quarterly customer who has an ongoing problem with Indian meal moths, primarily in the summer months. Last summer, I cleared out the pantry and treated the cracks and crevices. While doing so, I found and removed many pupal casings and fecal material on food packages and in paper bags and baskets. They have been fogging the pantry themselves and I supplied pheromone traps. They did...
    Submitted by robert, CA

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  • Mon Oct 6 2014

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    What’s the best way treat quickly for roach infestations?
    Submitted by Andy, TX

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  • Thu Oct 2 2014

    Not So Fast

    What is the best and safest way to kill gnats in floor drains? Should I use Orthene?
    Submitted by Matthew, PA

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