• Fri Sep 26 2014

    You’re the Best!

    I’m wondering what I can use to treat spiders inside the edge of a pool. I’ve been running my Webster inside the edge to remove the few webs, but is there a product I can use that won’t drip into the pool and contaminate it?
    Submitted by Eddie, CA

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  • Mon Sep 22 2014

    Magic Pixie Dust

    Help! We are having a bark scorpion problem in my service area. The customers are generally 65 years old and up and have the belief that one "good spray" will solve their problem. We have a separate scorpion program but, when we explain many of the things you have suggested in the past, we are met with blank stares. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Fri Sep 19 2014

    Horse Fleas

    I am treating a horse barn for fleas where the stalls are used to foster rescue dogs. The stalls are dirt but the center aisle is concrete. What products would you recommend? Would an IGR be helpful and which one? By definition, would you consider this animal housing?
    Submitted by Greg, GA

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  • Wed Sep 17 2014

    Ghost Holes

    Sometimes when inspection and monitoring don’t turn up pests, it actually means pests are not there. Tiny holes in clothes are an enigma for many people. Because they don’t know what causes the holes, fabric pests often get blamed. The holes could be caused by wear and tear of a shirt against countertops or from fabric snagging on the zippers of other clothes in the wash. Your tech has hel...
    Submitted by Wayne, CA

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  • Mon Sep 15 2014

    Trial by Fire

    I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of my customer’s ants. They are all around his pool and yard. I’ve applied granules, Termidor and InTice gel and still, every 15 days or so, the ants keep coming back with new mounds and running around the pool. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Thu Sep 11 2014

    Hole in the Wall

    I visited the home of a potential customer this morning and, as I was doing my preliminary inspection, the owner of the home asked me to take a look at something in his kitchen. He got his flashlight and shined it on the wall revealing a small cluster of two or three needle-sized holes going through the drywall. He then showed me a couple of other places throughout his home with similar holes...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Tue Sep 9 2014

    Blattella Brothers

    We live in western Pennsylvania and are having problems with German cockroaches coming from the outside in large numbers at subsidized units (they’re mostly duplexes). The pest identification was confirmed. We are seeing all stages on insect monitors placed outside along an edge (where the siding meets the brick) around the unit. The direction of the roaches is coming from the outside. It’s alm...
    Submitted by Tiffany, PA

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  • Tue Sep 2 2014

    Variety is the Spice of Beetles

    How should spice beetles around windows located in a kitchen area be controlled?
    Submitted by DENNIS, FL

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