• Wed Jul 23 2014

    Ant Colony Gives Birth in Hospital

    What is the best way to manage winged ants in a hospital? They are in the light fixtures and, some think, above the ceiling tiles.
    Submitted by Henry, MA

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  • Mon Jul 21 2014

    Infested Septic?

    I have a customer with a big moth fly issue. They have a 1,000-gallon septic tank where they seem to be breeding. Can you offer some suggestions on control?
    Submitted by Steve, MA

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  • Fri Jul 18 2014

    Rat Birth Control

    Is there a product that controls rats the way OvoControl works on pigeons? One of our customers was asking.
    Submitted by Roy, NV

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  • Wed Jul 16 2014

    Feathers in the Attic

    My customer was seeing small bugs the size of grain beetles with black hair. I tracked them to a dead pigeon in the attic. I removed the pigeon and my customer is still seeing the bugs seven days later. I cannot identify this bug therefore I do not know what else I can do. Please tell me what you think. What is this bug?
    Submitted by Paxton, FL

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  • Mon Jul 14 2014

    Wrong Way Rats

    What can we do if rats are coming from a toilet in a new building and the exterior perimeter has bait stations installed?
    Submitted by Amaury, FL

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  • Fri Jul 11 2014

    Silent but Not Deadly

    I know scorpions exist in Arizona and Nevada. Are there scorpions in Florida??
    Submitted by Moises, FL

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  • Wed Jul 9 2014

    A Smooth Shave

    What is the regulation or law concerning facial hair on a pest control technician in the state of Florida?
    Submitted by edward, FL

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  • Mon Jul 7 2014

    Pet Traps

    I have a client who recently used glue boards to trap mice. Unfortunately for him, he has a short-haired puppy that became a little too curious and got one of the glue boards stuck to its leg. He called me for help and I offered what help I could, but thought it would be a good idea to get your opinion. What is the safest and most effective way to remove a glue board from a short-haired cani...
    Submitted by Kevin, CA

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  • Fri Jul 4 2014

    Springtail Sourcing

    I have a customer who, every morning, has really small bugs in most of the sinks and showers in the house. They look and jump like springtails. None of the sinks or showers has leaks around them, upstairs or downstairs. There is some bad wood siding on the house and no mulch. This just started about five days ago. What can I do to manage the situation?
    Submitted by Terry, OH

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  • Wed Jul 2 2014

    Now You See ‘Em

    I have a customer that is getting bitten by something. I checked for bed bugs and fleas but didn’t find anything. I set out a glue board under a lamp one night and returned the following day to find insects that I identified to be in the biting midge family. What exactly is a biting midge? If that is in fact what they are, how do I get rid of them?
    Submitted by craig, NC

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