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  • Thu Jun 23 2016

    -ins vs. -oids

    I’m getting ready to add mosquito management to my services. I’ve been reading the Mr. Pest Control Q&As here on PestWeb. What application method do you consider a barrier treatment? It seems a mist blower is the go-to in the industry, but, in one of your answers, you mention it is only used as a knockdown, not a residual. I intend to use a mist blower to treat shrubs, trees and eaves.
    Submitted by kyle, AZ

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  • Fri Jun 17 2016

    A Rat’s Parting Gift

    What is the best way to manage rat mites inside a residence? Rats have been trapped out and the openings sealed up, but the customers are still receiving bites.
    Submitted by Mikail, CA

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  • Fri Jun 10 2016

    There’s Only One Little Black Ant

    Are the tiny black ants we’ve been seeing in southern Orange County, CA for the past couple of years also Argentine ants, just smaller?
    Submitted by Chris, CA

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  • Fri Jun 3 2016

    Too Cool for Schools

    We now have bed bugs in several classrooms. They first showed up a month ago. Will they die or no longer be a problem if the rooms remain empty over the three-month summer vacation?
    Submitted by Phillip, WA

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