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Tuesday November 29, 2016


Mr Pest Control


I have read in many places regarding homes with scorpions that electrical outlet covers should be removed, the outlet dusted and the cover replaced. I don't understand how this is legal. What if the resident, future resident or worker opens a cover to work on the wiring and gets dust all over their hands? How could we not be liable for that?

Frank, NV

Mr Pest Control


It isn’t necessarily the electrical outlet that is dusted. Sometimes removing the cover provides access to the wall void if there’s space between the electrical box and the drywall. Removing light switch covers can provide the same kind of access to wall voids. Otherwise, holes can be drilled into voids if existing holes are not available.

Pesticide dusts are normally labeled for void applications. However, it is not uncommon for PMPs to apply too much dust. If the amount of dust applied exceeds the label rate, then the application wouldn’t be legal. My suggestion is to pay attention to the application rate, keep it light and contained to the wall void. There shouldn’t be dust in the electrical box.

Mr. Pest Control

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