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Wednesday January 11, 2017


Mr Pest Control


Can a bug die by brushing up against a residual as opposed to walking across a residual?

Tony, NV

Mr Pest Control


I don’t know that there’s a difference between a pest brushing up or walking across a residual insecticide. But there is a difference between either of these actions and a pest sitting on a residual insecticide or having it applied directly to them. For example, bed bugs are not likely to pick up a lethal dose by walking across an area treated with a residual pesticide. They are more likely to do so by sitting on the area, although it may take a few days. This is why it’s important to direct residual products to bed bug harborages in order to maximize contact. It’s even better to treat bed bugs (as well as cockroaches, ants, etc.) directly with liquid or dust formulations once you see them. This way, there’s no question that the treatment made contact and will probably provide a lethal dose.

Mr. Pest Control

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