Taking A Swing At Fly Control

Wednesday February 28, 2007


Mr Pest Control


I have a large golf club house that had a major fly problem last season in the restaurant area. I was using light traps and baits but the problem still persisted. Problem was that the doors were always being opened to the outdoor eating patio, and there is a large pond directly in front of the building. I understand I have to find the source, but the dumpsters were far behind the building in the rear. I need to come up with better solutions for this coming season.

Mr Pest Control


I'll begin with my sermon about identification, since you don't indicate what kinds of flies you were dealing with last year. This is pretty important, for the species of fly might tell you a lot about the source of them. That pond near the building is not going to produce house or blow flies, but it sure could produce midges, mosquitoes, and other kinds of aquatic bugs that would be happy to annoy patrons at the restaurant area. Phorid flies, drain flies, fruit flies - all have their little niches in the environment. House flies reflect some sort of decaying organic material somewhere, as do Little House flies, and these species may fly pretty good distances from their breeding grounds to the attractive odors of a food service account, so the dumpsters on the property could be a resource, but so could a horse stable a mile away.... Read more

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