Going Overboard

Wednesday September 7, 2016


Mr Pest Control


I have a 90-foot boat with either immature American or Oriental cockroaches. We cannot agree on the identification in my office, but feel both species would be living in the bilges versus German cockroaches that would be in the living space. My question is which is better? Applying a residual, IGR and pyrethrum together with our B&G portable aerosol system or spraying where we can reach with residual and IGR before fogging with an electric fogger to reach the inaccessible areas. I was also going to add Gentrol Point Source for longer coverage since the boat is leaving Rhode Island for South Africa.

Michele, RI

Mr Pest Control


I don’t recommend applying residual pesticides to anywhere water is concerned, including bilges because bilge water may be pumped out into waterways. Also, IGRs will not be effective immediately because American and Oriental cockroach nymphs take around a year to molt into adults. So that leaves us with pyrethrin knockdown products. An aerosol system is a better choice because it directs treatment better than a fogger does. However, neither is providing fumigation, so it’s possible for pockets of cockroaches to survive in inaccessible areas you might not see. An aerosol treatment can only be as good as your reach. Try your best and it may be enough. If not, the problem may require fumigation.

Mr. Pest Control

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