Got Roaches, Got Filth, Still Got Roaches

Friday November 2, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I am having trouble with German cockroaches in a restaurant. I have used Gentrol Point Source, Avert Dry Flowable powder, and Arilon with an IGR and can't seem to get them under control. I know most of the problem is sanitation and the client is supposed to clean the whole restaurant from top to bottom, and that is why I have not used any gel baits, as there are way too many other food sources. Someone had mentioned a fogger. What are your thoughts on that?

Jake, VA

Mr Pest Control


Personally, I think fogging for cockroaches would be your least effective method for achieving actual control of the problem. A few roaches may be out and about when the fogging is done and these roaches may (or may not) be contacted by the droplets when they fall, but the vast majority of them are likely to be tucked away safe in their little crevices and voids where droplets falling from the air would not contact them. 

I guess I would start with the belief that ALL of the products you have used so far are excellent against German roaches. Excellent, that is, if the cockroach and the active ingredient manage to come together in the same place and for a long enough period of time. Gentrol, of course, does not directly kill roaches, but affects their population over a longer period of ... Read more

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