Rat Season

Tuesday August 23, 2016


Mr Pest Control


When trapping or applying rodenticides in a void that is totally dark, does adding some illumination enhance the process? Will rats find and interact with the traps better if there is some light compared to using only their whiskers and body hairs to explore the dark environment?

John, OH

Mr Pest Control


No, I don’t think so. Their nature is primarily tactile and adding light to an environment will not shift them into relying on their vision. It is best to leave their environment as they know it and to place traps and rodenticides along the paths they travel routinely. These paths will be marked by droppings, sebum, gnawing or worn trails. According to Bobby Corrigan, if your control measures are off by more than 10 feet, there’s little chance rats are going to visit them. It’s like hunting and a PMP has to be good at tracking the animal. If your equipment is not getting any hits, then you’re off the mark and you need to re-evaluate the placement. Not every rat is a savvy dominant male. If you’ve tracked them right, you’ll at least start getting hits from juveniles. The problem isn’t usually trap shyness, it’s trap placement. You have to take the trap to the rat. You can’t bring the rat to the trap.

Mr. Pest Control

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