Food or Wood - It Really Matters

Thursday August 2, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have a sample of what looks like drugstore beetles a customer is seeing in the kitchen of their house. They had them identified by another source that said they were Anobiids. They indeed did have Anobiid in the substructure that we have treated for. My concern is these sample beetles are not Anobiid and they have a drugstore beetle problem also. As the two beetles are very similar, what can I look for to distinguish one from the other?

Nancy, WA

Mr Pest Control


Ah yes, the importance of that accurate ID. Is it eating the woodor eating their food, and obviously knowing which one it is matters greatlywhen it comes to control. Drugstore and Cigarette beetles are common stored food pests and they are in the family Anobiidae. Also in this beetle family are Deathwatch and Furniture beetles, and there may be some superficial resemblance. However, drugstore beetles are pretty darned distinct. They are dark brown, slightly hairy and ... Read more

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