Calculating the Volume

Saturday September 3, 2005


Mr Pest Control


How much Premise 75 would I use to cover 14,820 sq. ft. with a .05 solution?

Mr Pest Control


Sometimes doing the math for these things can be kind of fun, if you break it down into bite-sized chunks. Let's do the two easy things first, and then we'll toss in some variables that are meant just to confuse you. For a 0.05% solution you would mix 4 packets of Premise 75WP into each 100 gallons of water. For the rest of this I am assuming that you are referring to a pre-treat application, and for that area presumably a concrete slab is going onto it. Assuming a normal soil type your application rate would be 1 gallon of solution over each 10 square feet of soil, so for a 14,820 square foot area you have 14,820 divided by 10 square feet = 1,482 gallons used on the surface of th... Read more

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