Killers of Cicadas, Not People

Friday August 10, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I was just curious about the life cycle and habits of Cicada Killer Wasps. I've never seen as many as I've seen this year.

Mr Pest Control


Cicada Killer wasps are an eastern U.S. phenomenon, although out here in the western U.S. we enjoy some equally big wasps called Tarantula Hawks. They are not related, but all of these wasps, including the cicada killer, are "solitary" wasps that do not have a social colony. Instead, the female wasp creates a living chamber for her offspring, provides a stash of food in that chamber for her soon-to-be larva, and deposits an egg on it. She then seals the chamber, leaves, and does not return. Because of this these wasps have no instinct to protect a colony of queen and lar... Read more

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