Smells Good, Lasts Short Time

Wednesday February 14, 2007


Mr Pest Control


I have a question about XT-2000 Orange Oil. About how long does it last in wood after a treatment? I've heard it's only about 4-8 days and then the wood is edible again. Do you have any info on this? Thanks.

Mr Pest Control


My knee-jerk opinion was that the active ingredient - d-limonene, or orange oil - essentially has no residual, but I decided I should be fair about it and look around awhile. I feel vindicated after reading a few websites that seemed to know what they were talking about (because they agreed with me). One private pest control company website stated as you did that the residual was no more than 4 days, after which there would be no effect on termites walking on or chewing through treated wood. The second website was a tutorial from University of Illinois, in which the authors state that d-limonene has NO residual value, evaporating quickly from the surface. Now, these statements do conflict with others that I fi... Read more

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