Sticky and Icky

Saturday May 26, 2007


Mr Pest Control


I am treating some trees with some kind of bug or something I cannot identify. They are all over the limbs and around the leavestems, they are about as big as a grain of wheat, color is brown to black and they leave sticky residue on the leaves and on the ground. I don't belive that they are aphids but I do see aphids on some of the leaves. Please help me with the ID and the proper control. Jason

Mr Pest Control


I believe you probably are dealing with a scale insect of some sort, and from the stickiness you are seeing it would be one of the "soft" scale species, rather than an armored scale. What you see is actually a wax covering the female scale creates over herself as she matures, and beneath this she then produces her mass of eggs, after which she dies. The eggs hatch to the tiny but mobile "crawler" stage, and these new insects move about and feed on the softer foliage with their sucking mouths. As the insects mature they finally settle down in one place, form that wax shell, and become sessile and unmovi... Read more

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