Mound, Thatch, or Field - Same Ant

Friday July 27, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have a problem with black mound ants at a school in Central NY. Could you please let me know the best choice of product and application methods? I have heard that you are to dig up the mound and place granules and mix it up few times and apply more granules. This is the first time I have dealt with mound ants.

Mr Pest Control


Mound ants are also referring to as Thatch, Thatching, or just Field ants, and most of them are in the genus Formica. They are large ants superficially similar to carpenter ants but with a distinct dip in the top of the thorax, whereas carpenter ants  have a thorax that is evenly rounded over the top. Thatch ants cannot sting, but they can bite, and once they create a little bite wound may spritz some formic acid onto that point to cause a stinging sensation. They almost alway... Read more

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