Fleas And Fish

Friday October 5, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have a new customer with a flea problem at a newly aquired live bait shop. The previous owner had a dog living in the shop but no pets are currently present. My concern is the 7 large bait tanks. They are open air and are aerated 24-7 with an on site, indoor electric air pump. One pump aerates all tanks. I treated attached offices and restrooms but am very leary of applying any insecticide directly in the showroom where tanks are located (and owner claims bites). Is there a relatively safe treatment for this area? I did have them turn off the A/C while I treated offices to stop air movement but they can't shut down the aerator.

Charles, FL

Mr Pest Control


Something you mention tells me that YOU are not convinced there is still a flea problem here, as you state that the owner "claims" he is getting bitten. Just in case my thought is correct, perhaps it is a good time to set out a lot of insect glue traps and inspect them in a few days to see what is caught. Perhaps the flea infestation is actually eliminated but the owner still feels the paranoia of the problem that used to be there.

If there still is an ongoing flea presence then you are correct in being concerned about the use of insecticides where air pumps could suck some of the aerosolized particles into the tanks. Ob... Read more

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