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Monday August 6, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Here's something that I don't understand. We can no longer apply Talstar EZ granules in the rain or when rain is forecasted within the next 24 hrs due to the new "synthetic pyrethroid laws". This makes no sense to me as this is a water-activated product. Also, due to the new "labeling", we are not allowed to apply these products above 3 feet and only as spot treatments. So here's my question: What can I use to treat around the eaves of houses / buildings that have a problem with spiders? Pyrethroids such as Cyfluthrin, Beta-Cyfluthrin, and Cypermethrin have been the only products that I have had significant results with on spiders. (Cypermethrin being the best)

Jeremy, LA

Mr Pest Control


While my thoughts on this are likely not to be entirely satisfying, hopefully they will be somewhat helpful in clearing up the new requirements. The whole issue of the new label restrictions is to minimize as much as possible the opportunity for the pyrethroid active ingredients to find their way OFF the treated site and into local waterways, most likely via the gutter and storm drains. The blanket requirement for all pyrethroids now, regardless of the formulation, that they not be applied during a rain event could seem unnecessary when you are applying it for labeled pests where the Label then requires that you water over the treated area anyhow. Gosh, why not let that rain do the job for you?

I suppose it was the concern that if th... Read more

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