A Downside to the Rodenticide Changes

Wednesday December 7, 2011


Mr Pest Control


I service a lot of construction sites in the Greater Boston area. I'm concerned about the new EPA Rodenticide Mitigation and if it will affect my perimeter/fence-line rodent control programs I have in place. Most of these sites don't have any structures to bait within 50 feet. Any suggestions?

Andy, MA

Mr Pest Control


Your fears appear to be well founded. One effect of the RMD - Rodenticide Mitigation Decision - by the EPA this year will be to lose the ability to bait for Norway or Roof Rats or the House Mouse beyond that 50 feet from a "structure", and the EPA does not consider fences to be structures. The various rodenticide manufacturers offered summaries of the RMD that outlined what the changes were and the impact it would have on our industry. These changes went into effect in June of 2011, and after that point manufacturers could only ship product with the new labeling in place. Vendors such as Univar could sell existing stock and PMPs can use existing stock according to the Label on that package, so "old" labeled material still can be used according to its label until it is depleted. 

A summary of the RMD from LiphaTech, for example, states that "infestations outside the 50 foot zone must be treated using traps or other old rodent control technology" if the pest of concern is one of these 3 rodent species. Further, any rodent bait labeled for these 3 peridomestic rodent species will now be labeled ONLY for these 3 species, and must state that on the label. If your rodent pest is some other kind, such as meadow mice, deer mice, prairie dogs, etc., and you are using a bait labeled for those species, then you are not subject to these changes in the RMD. 

So, I wish I had a better answer for you, but for rats and mice of the three principal kinds we are now restricted to baiting within a 50 foot radius of a structure and either within a tamper resistant station or in a burrow. Outside that 50 foot radius you now need to look at trapping and other methods for reducing the problem. 

Mr. Pest Control

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